Where’s The Next Assassin’s Creed?

Where’s The Next Assassin’s Creed?

Assassin’s Creed has Italy and the Middle East covered. It’s time for the series to spread its wings. What locale will Assassin’s Creed III be set in? Your guess is good as mine. But, if this survey is to be believed, let’s make an educated guess.

A reader of website Empire State Gamer apparently took part in an online survey, which asked the following question:

Among the following propositions, in which of the following historical periods and locations would you like one of the next Assassin’s Creed games to take place?

•The violent conflicts of the Imperial Dynasties in Medieval China • The advent of the mighty British Empire during Victorian England • The culmination of the Pharaoh Reign in Ancient Egypt • The invasion of the Americas by the Spanish Conquistadors • The confrontation between British colonists and native Americans during The American Revolution • The overthrow of the Tsar Empire by the Communists during the Russian Revolution • The Warlord Battles in Feudal Japan • The rise of Cesar’s Empire in Ancient Rome

Question: Why can’t one of these games be set during the American Civil War with awesome hats and awesome moustaches and an inevitable Abe Lincoln cameo?

Future Assassin7s Creed Story Locations Revealed [Empire State Gamer]

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  • Egypt or China sounds very intriguing to me personally…
    but if Assassins make it to China, does that make them Ninjas? 😛

    • I’m tearing up your geek card right now for suggesting ninjas are chinese!

      (while also circumventing further commenters that I’m familiar with the historical theory of Dr Stephen Turnbull that ninja sects in Iga and Koga may have been Chinese bandits fleeing persecution in China).

      • it’s not like i was stereotyping and assuming that because they are an oriental culture they have ninjas…
        okay i was stereotyping and assuming that because they are an oriental culture they have ninjas…

    • Ninjas are JAPANESE people!! O.o I dont want a feudal Japan game though because of the whole samurai warriors series from Koei. Medieval china is a different period to dynasty warriors so either that or Russian Revolution would be nice. In the assassins creed animus edition encyclopedia it mentions some assassin named Orelov from Russia so I think that would be the most likely. Also with Ancient Egypt this is before Altair’s time so I think that is an unlikely place for assassins creed 3. Going forward and then 2 games backward in time doesn’t make much sense to me. The feudal Japan one and the medieval China one would be after Altair. Roman is bad again because of the time difference. With ninja / samurai games like way of the samurai 3 and ninja gaiden 2, samurai warriors especially, I think the Japanese scene would be a bad target for assassins creed. (Ps I love samurai warriors and way of the samurai)

  • The first three, Medieval China, Victorian England and Ancient Egypt, are surprisingly the three setting I’ve wanted for the game for quite some time. Lets hope one of them happens.

    • I *think* Ubisoft has already confirmed that AC3 will have a new setting and a new assassin. The official blurb says something like “Desmond will travel through his memories one final time to become the ultimate assassin” or something along those lines.

      • Have you ever seen Desmond advertising an AC game? No they will focus on the “Assassin” part. personally I only ever remember the over-arching “Desmond” stories and could not tell you what the “animus” main storyline is, for any of the games, even Revelations (which i finished last week). They need to stop giving him the short stick.

  • Given that Alexandria was mentioned in the previous game, I think the answer is fairly clear. At least where the bulk of the game should take place.

  • What about the Sub-continent during the 1700-1800, the time of the Raj? everyone always overlooks that period, full of intrigue and war.

  • I vote for England…Assassin leaps down to stab some guy in the next, a onlooker says “Well I say, thats just not Cricket what”

  • As the assassin’s are meant to be ancestors of Desmond, I’d say that Japan, China & even Egypt are unlikely (not impossible, but still). Russia is a possibility, seeing as the comic Assassin’s Creed: The Fall dealt with the end of the Tsarist rule, but they probably wouldn’t retread the same ground.
    I’m thinking that AC3 will probably divide time equally between a previous assassin and Desmond, seeing as it’s supposed to tie up the modern 2012 plot.

    • Japan IS unlikely. Egypt is very close to Syria (where Altair is from) So Egypt is possible. Ever heard of the SILK ROAD? U know, the road Marco Polo took from ITALY to CHINA? China is easy to do also. Just make ezio’s grandson travel to China or something. Easy.

  • Personally I’d vote for all of the above! What a terrific list of options.

    If I had to pick a top three I’d have to say the end of the Pharoah rule in ancient egypt cause it would tie into the mythos really well (and we’ve all ready seen concept art of an egyptian assassin), medieval China, or better yet China during the start of british colonialism, and the Russian revolution would be awesome.

    I would have thought the French revolution would have been a good setting but maybe they think it’s too similar to the renaissance italian setting we’ve been slogging through for three games now.

  • Ancient Egypt of Feudal Japan would be awesome. Most people would be at least a bit familiar with those settings & both have potential for great atmosphere & characters etc…

  • Actually why do we have to be relegated to one period/assassin per game?

    Can’t we have a couple of options with an interlaced plot tracking some piece of Eden as it, say, was taken from Egypt by the Romans, was part of the formaiton of the templar order in Rome and then moved to Russia after the sacking of Rome and became one of the Tsar’s treasures where the revolution is fermented by the templars so they can get access to the royal families vaults.

    It would follow on from the game plot too, if Desmond’s being held against his will he might be forced to undergo a whole bunch of recalls at a less than comfortable pace.

    • I’m all for that. They showed in AC:R that they can jump between time frames. Why not do atleast 2 time frames if not 3?
      A communist, A Egyptian and a POM. I’m all for that.

      • The idea of the jumping to different locations and time frames in assassins creed 3 wont work. The reason why it makes sense in revelations is because it uses characters and time periods the player has already been introduced to. They could jump to different time frames in the sequel to assassins creed 3, but not in assassins creed 3 itself.

        • In reference to the idea of Desmond being held against his will that could potentially work however I think you’d need another game before that one maybe talking about one of the assassins in that game and also showing how desmond gets captured by templars. (Note, comment may be irrelevant but I have not finished revelations.)

  • how about fucking desmond? seriously the end of AC:R means if they dont do desmond, its it, its over its a cash cow and they dont give a wank about the series story @ all

  • Maybe either: The invasion of the Americas by the Spanish Conquistadors OR
    the confrontation between British colonists and native Americans during The American Revolution. Playing as a Native American Assassin would be pretty prettty cool…..

  • The Russian setting sounds ace.

    The Ancient Rome one sounds good too, but they’d have to work hard to make it feel like a step forward when the tech would take a step backward. However a game set in that period that is free roaming, preferably as some kind of non-Roman Barbarian, would be epic!

    The Americas during the Spanish invasion might be good, but would there be enough architecture to do the free running with?

  • I’d love to see Japan but I don’t see it happening. I think it’ll be 19th or 20th century France, possibly even during the Great War…

  • Would a historical setting pre-altair work? Wasn’t he basically the first of the ‘proper’ assassins that actually knew what was going on?

    England would probably be my bet, that or american revolution

  • Obviously it would be after the age of Ezio as they’re going through time trying to find the Apple of Eden. Locations like Ancient Egypt are just unrealistic.

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