While You Were Sleeping

Sometimes sleep can be important. Necessary, even. But what if stuff happens? Video game stuff? That's when we send out a small army of puppy dogs to gather the news that happened while you were sleeping and plonk the highlights right here. Plonk!

Happy Uncharted street break day! Actually, I'm going to go all out here and say that Uncharted 3 will not break street date. I know, crazy right? It's just a gut feeling. But while we're here talking about Uncharted and stuff, check out this incredible gallery of Uncharted art.

Remember when we posted that vid of Harrison Ford playing Uncharted 3? For some weird reason that was cool in a way I still can't really describe. Anyway, it appears to be part of a big Uncharted marketing blast in Japan, because Harrison Ford's face is now plastered all over Shinjuku.

Here is Syndicate's co-op mode in action, news that development of Battlefield 3 began on PC may reassure some folks, and this is a nice piece on the massive proliferation of 'collector's editions'.

In Short Battlefield 3 Development Started On PC But Switched To Consoles Extravagant Collector's Editions Are Overwhelming Video Game Collectors Harrison Ford's Big Mug Is All Over Tokyo's Shinjuku A Celebration Of The Art Of The Uncharted Trilogy This New Trailer Shows Off Syndicate's Co-Op Corporate Warfare


    I love to look at concept art after I finish the game. I especially like how it unlocks systematically with the Uncharted games as you play. Holy damn, I'm excited. :D

      The Dark Souls art in the "collector's edition" (I've never seen a standard edition of this game) just looked a little weird when I unboxed it. After spending 30 hours or so on the game, that art now fills me with terror.

    Uncharted didn't break street date while I was asleep?

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