While You Were Sleeping

While you were sleeping, curled into a ball of chubby goodness, snoozing like a fluffy puppy, stuff happened. Video game stuff. But rather than wake you up to inform you about it, we decided to let you sleep through the excitement. And now you can read about it here! Yay!

Ever wondered what your favourite video game characters would look like if they were stripped of the coats of paint that game artists painstakingly apply? Still pretty darn cool, it seems! New York artist Darwin Yamamoto has drawn minimalist portraits of some of gaming's most well-known characters. Wow, he makes Marcus Fenix almost look like a normal person! Amazing!

Overnight we also got a sneak peek at BioWare's next franchise (looks like RAGE), Adam Jensen faced some really tough choices (he should use his augmented eyeballs to suss out the sugar levels of those cereals), and we checked out 30 seconds of Skyward Sword. Well, most of us checked out 30 seconds of Skyward Sword. Mark refused.

Finally, the US guys reviewed Uncharted 3!

In short Recognise these video game faces? Here's the guy who drew them Bioware's next big thing makes an explosive first impression Deus Ex's Adam Jensen faces the toughest choice of all 30 seconds of Skyward Sword: Link's Indiana Jones moment Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception — The Kotaku Review


    I've got to say, I'm all kinds of excited about a new BioWare franchise. The screenshot is vague enough that it could be any thing really. Does look sort of modern day, though. I can't wait.

    Has the Skyrim streetdate broken yet?

      We should make it our business to make skrim break release date...

        Don't you people dare! I might vomit if I have to spend the day covering a street-date breakage.I will do it! I will vomit all over the place!

          Poor Tracy, you should of learnt by now to never tell gamers nerds not to do something, it guarantees we almost always will ^_^

      Breaking street date 3 days before it's 'official' release?? Inconceivable! (said in the voice of Vizzini from The Princess Bride).

    I click on this post every day just to see what the cute pic is.

    I saw Skyrim at Dick Smith at Carnes Hill on Sunday...

      Go back, buy it, and post a pic!
      Coz that would be awesome!

        I couldn't believe it myself. I'll go back there and take a snap when I leave work today... if I make it there before they close.

    I'm with Mark. I've refused to see anything skyward sword related for about the past month or so.

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