While You Were Sleeping

While you were sleeping, curled into a ball of chubby goodness, snoozing like a fluffy puppy, stuff happened. Video game stuff. But rather than wake you up to inform you about it, we decided to let you sleep through the excitement. And now you can read about it here! Yay!

Skyrim will be out tomorrow, by which time I suspect all the Modern Warfare/Battlefield stories will give way to a plethora of stories about the latest beast from Bethesda, but until then, you must endure!

This one is very interesting though, so interesting that I've chucked in the prestigious 'top stories' box, which is mostly used for stories that myself and Tracey want to force feed you. The story is titled The Problem With War Video Games, and it's worth reading.

We've also got a comparison between the 360, PS3 and PC versions of Modern Warfare 3, and the tale of a man who threatened to blow up a store that ran out of the latest Call of Duty. Wow.

Skyrim's strategy guide is hella thick, and this 30 second clip has gotten me even more excited about Skyward Sword.

In Short 30 Seconds Of Skyward Sword, A Masterpiece Of A Forest Skyrim's Strategy Guide Is This Thick The Problem With War Video Games Let's Compare Modern Warfare 3 On PS3, Xbox 360 And PC Man Threatens To Blow Up Store That Ran Out Of Modern Warfare 3


    Now, yesterday you promised - promised! - that we would be playing Skyrim today.

    Well? Hmm?

      "Never fear folks, you’ll be playing this game tomorrow"

        I asked that yesterday on the "While you were sleeping", but got no response :'(

        Also awesome avatar!

          I backed you up, and also followed the instructions re Gravatar that someone posted to help you out.

          So, having shamelessly piggy backed off your posts yesterday I thought I'd bravely venture out on my own today with the "Where's my Skyrim" flag.

          Which reminds me, Where's my Skyrim?

            I feel your pain. This time last week, my Uncharted 3 hysteric levels were at an all time high. :D


    just googled skyrim breaking street date..

    aussie gamer says prob selling at EB games from 3pm today..their official twitter still not sure..

    I just want dragons already..is that too much to ask!

    If skyrim breaks street date, will i be able to play it on PC? Isn't it activated via steam?


      As with Battlefield and Origin, You'll still have to wait until midnight to play it, but you'll be able to install it so its good to go as soon as the time hits

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