While You Were Sleeping

While you were sleeping, curled into a ball of chubby goodness, snoozing like a fluffy puppy, stuff happened. Video game stuff. But rather than wake you up to inform you about it, we decided to let you sleep through the excitement. And now you can read about it here! Yay!

Skyrim. Yesterday, for us, it was all about Skyrim. Last night, for the US, it was all about the very same game. Want to know how the critics are reviewing the game? Head on over here. Want to read about crafting your first character in Skyrim — this is the place. Want to see a bunch of rubbish celebrities, only two of which I could actually name, pimping Skyrim at the game's official launch party? This is where you 'want' to be heading.

Also — Modern Warfare 3 was released this week. Remember that game — the one that was released two days before Skyrim? Well Activision is handing out a free month of Call of Duty Elite to those who get subscriptions to its new service.

And don't forget lil' old Assassin's Creed Revelations — it's coming out next week and this is its launch trailer.

In Short The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Has Game Reviewers Shouting Its Name Crafting My Dragonborn Identity In Skyrim Activision Hands Out Free Month To Paying Members Of Call Of Duty Elite Assassin's Creed Revelations Launch Trailer Doesn't Bother Sneaking Up On You Hollywood's Skyrim Party — This Is It


    Has the Skyrim streetdate brok - I'm sorry, it's habit now. I downloaded the Steam version overnight ($54 via greenmangaming yo) and gave it a quick whirl this morning.

    It's seeming pretty epic already and I've just done the opening sequence. It also runs very nicely on my aging hardware on medium settings.

    My sister is by far the bigger Elder Scrolls fan in this house, since the weekends coming up I'm gonna let her play exclusively. I'll get to it eventually, but have my sights firmly on Assassin's Creed and PC Arkham City for now. But Skyrim's time will come. :D

    Steam lost encrypted credit card information, amongst account information. Notice on steam as of like 5 minutes ago.

    Haha, the puppy rulez :)

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