While You Were Sleeping

While you were sleeping, curled into a ball of chubby goodness, snoozing like a fluffy puppy, stuff happened. Video game stuff. But rather than wake you up to inform you about it, we decided to let you sleep through the excitement. And now you can read about it here! Yay!

Skyrim, Skyrim, Skyrim. It's still all about Skyrim. The word is following me around like a haunted whisper of a whispery ghost. Whispery. I'm over reading about Skyrim, but it seems like I'm the only one. I still haven't had the chance to play it yet, as a result of my 'not starting a new game till I finish the last one policy', but... sooooooon.

Before I start I'll probably read this: Tips For Playing Skyrim The Best Way. I remember the US guys did something similar for Batman: Arkham City and it actually served me well. I often find Bethesda games quite overwhelming to begin with, so this advice is something I probably need to read.

In other big news -- the Steam forums are back online, after the hack late last week.

Can your mid-range PC handle Skyrim? This is a good place to check. This Minecraft LEGO should totally exist, and this Firemint Party Play ad is... interesting.

In Short Tips For Playing Skyrim The Best Way Can Your Mid-Range PC Handle Skyrim The Steam Forums Are Back Online Things That Should Exist: Minecraft LEGOs Firemint Party Play Ad Is Interesting

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    The tips for playing Skyrim got my back all the way up with it's first point being "play it on pc".

    How bout... get lost?

      First point is actually "Don’t worry if you haven’t played earlier Elder Scrolls games."

        Don't bring your reason and common sense in here!

          Someone's a little butt hurt

            Someone... doesn't grasp exasperation for comedic effect.

              Is it me???

                Someone left the cake out in the raaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiin

                  Someone doesn't think that they can take it,
                  'Cause it took someone so long to bake it,
                  And someone will never have that recipe again...

    I only just read about the xbox skyrim graphics thing this morning, so i've been playing it whit lame graphics like a sucker!

    Glanced at the image for this and thought it was a sandworm from Dune. D:

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