While You Were Sleeping

I am awake. Barely. I'm guessing you're feeling something similar. To save you some time I've decided to trawl through last nights's news, to give you an idea of what went down while you were sleeping.

I love this story. The idea that all new power ups in the world of Mario have to go through Miyamoto, and the fear his underlings have when presenting these new powerups -- it just makes me chuckle. As Totilo succinctly put it, it's like trying to invent new chess pieces with the creator of chess looking over your shoulder. Nice story.

The Skyrim posts continue unabated but a couple are cool. Yesterday we had an awesome metal reworking Skyrim's theme, now we have some quality classical musicians busting out both Morrowind and Skyrim. Also, speaking of Morrowind, apparently the land mass of Morrowind actually exists within Skyrim. Very interesting...

These augmented reality effects on Vita are pretty incredible. I got to check out the AR in Vita a while back and was pretty much blown away. Oh, and one million people are paying for Call of Duty Elite. It prints money.

In Short When We Show A Power Up To Mr Miyamoto We Get A Bit Nervous See The Augmented Reality Effects Possible On PS Vita Watch Two Women Play Skyrim's Haunting Theme Report Skyrim Contains The Entire Elder Scrolls Land Mass One Million People Are Paying For Call Of Duty Elite


    The best part of this segment is seeing all the pictures of sleeping animals you guys come up with

    Can't wait to try out the skyrim thing when i get home, wouldnt it be cool if someone did some moding where you could actually play the morrowind/oblivion games via skyrim?

    Also maybe a good article to write about today would be the Notch v. Yougscast MineCon thing?

      I'm avoiding it a bit, because I really don't want to write up a post about people sniping at one another...

    prob a good idea, bit sad really MC has such a good community :(

    I can't seem to expand comments or view more articles on my mobile. I can't even switch out of mobile mode. Is this happening to anyone else? I don't know why I'm writing this because I won't be able to check replies :)

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