While You Were Sleeping

I am awake. Barely. I'm guessing you're feeling something similar. To save you some time I've decided to trawl through last nights's news, to give you an idea of what went down while you were sleeping.

Gameloft, the company of a thousand clones, has struck upon a bright idea -- renting out iPads laden with all sorts of Gameloft titles. This idea appears to be unique to Australia for now, but can it work? I say yes. Folks rent an iPad, get engrossed in Gameloft game, then buy them on their phones, or when they buy their own iPad. Interesting initiative. May be the most original thing Gameloft has ever done!

I've always thought the only brand strong enough to dislodge World of Warcraft would be a Star Wars branded MMO. Especially one developed by Bioware. A survey has stated that 1.6 million MMO fans are set to switch across to The Old Republic.

This isn't technically relevant to us in Australia, but it's an interesting story -- GameStop is getting rid of its used games section. Imagine this happened in Australia?

Nintendo hopes that Super Mario 3D Land will be the missing link for the series, and the pepper spray cop becomes another video gaming meme.

In Short Gameloft Flies Game Laden Rental iPads Across Australia Nintendo Hopes Newest Mario Game Is The Series' Missing Link 1.6 Million WOW Players To Switch To Old Republic EB/Gamestop Gets Rid Of Used Games Section Pepper Spray Cop Could Have Been On The Cover Of Doom


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