While You Were Sleeping

I am awake. Barely. I'm guessing you're feeling something similar. To save you some time I've decided to trawl through last nights's news, to give you an idea of what went down while you were sleeping.

Overnight in the US seems like it may have been a bit of a slow news day. The biggest story is probably this — after making PC gamers rage over the lack of a PC port for I Am Alive, the game's creator is trying to do a bit of an about turn. Apparently he's not opposed to a port!

Xbox LIVE hacks? Despite the evidence, Microsoft says no. Come on folks — just admit it!

This is the beautiful, yet stabby, art of Assassin's Creed, this is what happens when you spawn 50 dragons in Skyrim and this is what Peter Molydeux had to say about his parody twitter being removed from twitter!

In Short What Happens When You Spawn 50 Dragons In Skyrim I Am Alive Creator Insists He's Not Opposed To PC Port Peter Molydeux Speaks — Why Was His Account Removed From Twitter? The Beautiful Stabby Art Of The Assassin's Creed Series Xbox LIVE Hacked — Microsoft Still Says No


    Thanksgiving ensures no news... or Batman PC patch. ;) Atleast we have Kotaku AU. :D

      I literally just made the Thankgiving connection...

        Keep an eye out for XBL (and PSN?) sales over the next day or so. They're usually pretty good. In fact, the deals on Major Nelson's site are pretty good already. Go buy MtG 2012, people, and play it with me!

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