While You Were Sleeping

I am awake. Barely. I'm guessing you're feeling something similar. To save you some time I've decided to trawl through last nights's news, to give you an idea of what went down while you were sleeping.

Here are two completely opposing solutions to the same problem — the problem being piracy on the PC. Ubisoft's solution: stop making games for the PC. Valve's solution: create a service far superior to any that pirates could provide and reap the benefits in brand new markets. Don't insult your paying customers with terrible DRM measures.

I know which solution I prefer.

Batman: Arkham City is up there in my top five games of the year. I absolutely loved it. Apparently the newest challenge map for Batman: Arkham City will be set in the Batcave. Ooooooh, exciting!

Is Sony working on its own Smash Bros. style game? I can't believe it's taken them this long to be perfectly honest! And Messi has been dragged away from Pro Evo to EA. Expect to see him on the cover of FIFA 13.

In Short Just In Time For Christmas, The Batcave Will Be Arkham City's Newest Challenge Map Is Sony Working On Its Own Smash Bros. Game? EA Sports Delights In Signing Away Pro Evolution Soccer's Three Time Cover Star Gabe Newell: Piracy Is A Non-Issue For Our Company Ghost Recon Game Skipping PC Because Of, You Guessed It, Piracy


    You didn't use my pic!!! T_T

    (j/k I still love you Mark)

    While I was sleeping ozgameshop delivered 3 brand new games to my place of employment! It's like christmas morning here, but better!!!

      I had skyward sword delivered at home on Sunday.


    [Insert whine about lack of PC patch yet]

    I swear that'll be the last time. :D

    Well, it's not like Valve could just walk away from making PC games... and as the core of their buasiness is providing a DRM system, they're hardly going to advocate something different.

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