While You Were Sleeping

I am awake. Barely. I'm guessing you're feeling something similar. To save you some time I've decided to trawl through last nights's news, to give you an idea of what went down while you were sleeping.

Call of Duty Elite hasn't exactly had the greatest launch, yet people still appear to be registering and paying in droves. Still, it has been a bit of a rough ride. This trailer shows what it looks like when the whole thing actually works.

LAN parties. I've had some of the best pizza ever at LAN parties. I've also played a couple of games in between said pizza. This was the biggest LAN party in the world, and it looked amazing.

Apparently the PS3 version of Skyrim has been patched. Awesome. Because I just recommended the game to my PS3 owning brother in-law. Also — this is a look inside the house of Skyrim's first serial killer and we ask the question — where is the next Assassin's Creed?

In Short Call Of Duty Elite Trailer Shows What It Looks Like When Activision's FPS Facebook Actually Works A Peek Inside The Home Of Skyrim's First Serial Killer The Biggest LAN Party In The World Looked Amazing Skyrim's PS3 Version Patched Apparently Where's The Next Assassin's Creed


    'I'm so tired I can't eat.... but I'll be damned if I'm leaving these noms unattended.'

    That must have been one crazy night(for the cat)

    Cats are outstanding, there's my insightful remark of the day -- now I can relax.

    That is AWESOME! :D

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