While You Were Sleeping

While you were curled up in deep slumber, stuff happened. Video games stuff. We could have prodded you in the gut to wake you up, but that would have been inconsiderate. So instead, we've compiled the highlights of the news of last night so you can read of what you missed out on while you were sleeping!

Overnight, games designer Ollie Barder shared his knowledge of mecha games with us, focusing on the title Omega Boost, which was made by the same developers behind the Gran Turismo series. This is a fascinating read and Barder provides insight into a genre that isn't often talked about.

Violence! Video games! This article will probably solicit a few eye rolls, but it's interesting to read a study that seems to actually have some scientific research behind it. A study conducted by the Indiana University School of Medicine has found that our brains can be altered by playing violent video games. What we'd really like to see, just for comparison, is how our brains change after we watch movies, play sports, or spend hours transcribing interviews. I tells ya, transcribing makes me much more inclined to commit acts of violence than playing video games!

If Skyrim hasn't already consumed most of your life, now it can with this iOS app that let's your track your progress. It's a digital journal, so yay for that.

Square Enix is working on a new RPG that isn't Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest (speaking of which, does anyone know where I can get a copy of Dragon Quest V for DS?), and here's a look at some sweet Deus Ex concept art.

In short The game Gran Turismo creators are hiding Scientists prove once again that playing violent video games alters young men's brains Skyrim — there's an app for that. No, really. Square Enix working on a new RPG One last look at Deus Ex's brilliant concept art


    *Looks around* Where are you HotDamn!? I wanted to be all safe and secure with you.

    I was here! I just couldn't thinking of a witty enough comment to..after.....yeah. And then I got distracted by work. And....

    Sorry Strange.

      When in doubt, just compliment the critter picture. That's always crowd pleasing. :D

      Stoopid work!

      You know, they should leave nice couches here in "While You Were Sleeping" for us to lounge around on. And they should have a coffee table filled with bowls of M and Ms separated into single colours. And a chef cooking us up a neverending supply of bacon(and Facon for the Veg's). And a Slurpee machine.

        I really like Peanut M&Ms......really

          I like Peanut Butter M&Ms. Oh, and the Pretzel ones are pretty awesome, too!

            There are pretzel M&Ms!? Oh my....THESE PRETZELS ARE MAKING ME THIRSTY! Ha...I couldn't resist.

      I like reading your name before everything you say. Makes it all sound exciting.

        That's really nice of you to say. :-) Ironically, it's good that my preceding name evokes excitement, because more often than not what I say is far from it!

    I know my brain is altered when I'm gaming. I can eat a bag of M&Ms during a gaming session and not even remember doing it!

      I've done that before. I don't notice until I start wondering why I'm suddenly feeling a bit sick.

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