Who Doesn't Want To Play Team Fortress 2 With A Turkey Head?

In an old Mr Bean episode titled "Merry Christmas, Mr Bean", the titular hero gets his head lodged in a turkey. It's a classic, and what inspired this Team Fortress 2 workshop creation.

Items in Steam Workshop are up for consideration in Team Fortress 2.

While the game is known for its funny hats, it also should be known for its fresh poultry. On players' heads.

If for some reason you have not seen the previously mentioned Mr Bean episode, do yourself a favour and watch it here. If you've already seen it, do yourself a favour and watch it again. And again.

20 Lb Turkey [Steam -- Thanks Trevor!]


    i think LBP has the same idea for the costume which is quite funny unless you dont get the reference

    I love that episode. It even got a reference during the first bean movie.

    Mr Bean has always been great.

    Things like this...Thanksgiving event Valve?

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