Who Is Soulcalibur V's Xiba?

Kilik fans rejoice! While there's still no word whether or not the big K will be back for round five, new character Xiba sounds suspiciously like the early concept art for the famed staff wielder. See how monkeyboy handles his rod in this latest batch of Soulcalibur V screenshots, along with a few more familiar faces.

Flip through some of the initial design concepts for Kilik and you'll see what I mean. A young Chinese boy with a penchant for the rod (a slightly thinner staff), Xiba could certainly have been inspired by Sun Wukong, the inspiration behind those initial Kilik designs.

So while he might not be back in person, he's definitely there in spirit.

Flip through the gallery for more of Xiba, along with new shots of Yoshimitsu, Cervantes, Aeon the lizardman, and some of the new stages popping up in next year's eagerly anticipated sequel.


    I just....what?

    Lizardman is now a flying dragon bird lizard thing? And Cervantes has gone from dread pirate to pimp? Well this will certainly be interesting.

    What's with the size of that pirate's bewbs?

    Also, I will get a pair of tiger pants.

    Dude Cerventes seems to have gotten younger in this iteration. Also boob power now translates to men? Cerventes got a mad buff?

    "A young Chinese boy with a penchant for the rod"

    Oh wow I took that out of context for a second...

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