Why It’s Stupid To Hate Call Of Duty

Why It’s Stupid To Hate Call Of Duty

Among many of those who like to label themselves as a “gamer”, there is no franchise more reviled than Call of Duty. The merest mention of its name sends people flying to post anonymous comments blasting the game as the very model of everything that’s wrong with video games today.

Take a look at any comments section on almost any video game site on Earth and you’ll see the same thing. People wondering aloud why the series is so popular, complaining about its incremental updates, mocking its design and lambasting those who have the tenacity to actually enjoy it.

Those people are idiots.

There is nothing wrong with not liking Call of Duty. Everybody has different tastes in gaming, and what might compel one person to line up for hours in the middle of night might cause another to…stay at home and get a good night’s sleep. Some people will like what the series offers, others won’t, that’s life.

But there’s something wrong with hating Call of Duty, especially to the level many people bury themselves in at this time of year. I mean, what drives you to hate a video game? To work yourself up into such a state that you feel the need to project that hate, to continuously remind the world of how much you don’t enjoy it?

It’s a question that’s often perplexed me, much like it did Lisa Simpson when she wondered “why would they come to our concert just to boo us?”. But it’s also a question I think I have an answer for.

You don’t really hate Call of Duty. But you do enjoy being an obnoxious elitist.

Maybe you preferred it when video games were seen as “uncool”. Maybe you feel the media attention and mainstream acceptance the series draws is somehow unfair. Maybe the people who enjoy the games aren’t the kind of people you hang out with on vicious internet forums, so don’t fit your myopic vision of what a true “gamer” constitutes.

It could be any one of those things, any combination of them, or many more, it doesn’t matter. Hating Call of Duty is part of the identity you’ve created for yourself. You’re not some mainstream thug who only buys Madden and Call of Duty once a year. Those people aren’t “real gamers”. You’re a real gamer, someone who pre-ordered Dark Souls, who has been collecting JRPGs since childhood, who still visits arcades, who somehow has the ability to love one multinational corporation and hate another, even though their goals are exactly the same.

Running around the internet screaming about how much you hate Call of Duty is thus part of this identity. It’s the enemy, the other, the yang to your yin. You wouldn’t be the gamer you think you are if you didn’t hate everything this series stood for.

The thing is, the identity you’re clinging to is bullshit. You can’t own a passion for a medium, or hope to dictate its tastes by whining about it. People don’t walk around calling themselves “moviers”, and pretend they’re the only ones allowed to watch films. Everybody watches movies, some more than others, everyone with their own likes and dislikes. Same with books, same with TV, same with music.

So let it go, will you? You’re not preserving anything. So what if millions of people enjoy a video game you don’t? Let them! There are plenty of valid reasons to criticise the franchise, sure, but there are plenty of valid reasons to love it as well, and if people want to love it – and millions of them do, every November – you raining on their parade every chance you get isn’t going to stop them.

It’s just going to make you look like an arsehole.


  • COD should be applauded for bringing gaming to the mainstreams so we dont look so geekish talking about what video game we are playing at a party.

    • How the fuck was it written to me when I like the CoD series, have been playing the CoD series since the first, clearly detailed what I mainly hate about the CoD series (that isn’t related to the actual game) and hate the trolling hate it’s been given?

      Christ, learn to actually read what people say instead of assuming anybody who doesn’t praise it is being an elitist dick.

  • Yeeshk. I’m going to say some people dislike the series because it’s taking away some of the staples of PC games like dedicated servers. But hey, I’m fairly open minded and tend to like any decent game really.

    • Without these bizarre rants from time to time, Kotaku US would consist only of single-line ‘articles’ about some picture or YouTube clip, or copypasta from sites with real journalism like RPS (or Kotaku AU!).

      • Seems that way doesn’t it. Do they even approve articles? Surely any sort of editor wouldn’t allow such tripe to go out…

        • Actually this is the exact sort of tripe that Kotaku US want’s.

          As they are owned by Gawker(i believe) which pays it’s author’s by the hit’s for their articles not the quality.

          So posting a Video is free money hence the 1 line articles.

          And posting stuff like this which is obvious nerd bait. created to get hit’s and stir debate in a hope of having people return to the article to see the furious rant’s in the comment’s.

          • I both hate Kotaku for putting this obviously attention-grabbing headline to justify its revenue, and myself for clicking the link. I shall now know better in future!

  • How are you enjoying that $79 map pack you call “MW3”?

    I hate it because Activisions decisions spread to other publishers, and what Activision sees as justifiable will eventually spread to other games. This is inherently a bad thing (refer to Dedicated Servers, Mod Tools, Console).
    I also dislike those who buy the games because you are putting money into the pockets of a company who has lost sight with what it is to develop video games, rather seeing it as a business and simply riding the cash cow.

    I now hate working in the games industry and wish I’d studied economics or business instead of working my arse off to earn a degree in video games (Yeah, they exist).

    I also disagree with you comparing games to movies, tv and music. People hate certain kinds of music. I guarentee you that many people hate slipknot and that stupid death metal music genre. Others don’t. However those people who hate slipknot are entitled to their opinion.

    When it comes down to it, I know plenty of people who hate (not just “dislike”) TV shows such as Friends, Seinfield, *Insert newest reality tv show*.

    Essentially what you’re saying is you don’t believe people “Hate” certain movies/tv/music which shows that you are either a complete idiot, or have a rather different opinion on the definition of the word “hate”

    • Also, if you want an example of a games company who listen to their fans and responds accordingly, refer to valve.
      I’ve only ever heard a handful of people say they “hate” any valve game, with the exceptions referring to the art style of TF2.

      *cough* Forgot to call you a cod fan boy

      • Very very very well put. Luke basically is saying that if you dislike COD and voice your opinion about it you are a moron and elitest WHO JUST DOESNT GET IT MAAAAAAAAAAAHN.

        • It’s nothing to do with not getting it dude, conversely it’s about people who “get it” to such a large degree that they think it is below them and purely the domain of more casual or mainstream gamers. That is my thoughts anyway… I think the point is… why hate something when it is just a product to make money off you? Just like every other game. It’s like the Apple/PC thing going on at the moment, just see Gizmodo for examples of this boring anti-Apple thing. I mean, I’m not a huge fan of Apple, but then again I’m not a huge fan of Windows, and I’m not a fan of other PC manufacturers. I think brand relating fanboyism or anti-fanboyism is really stupid. Wow this entire comment is a mess. Anyway, I don’t mean anything in a totally negative or hateful way or nuthin, it’s Friday afternoon! Just ma two CENTZ.

          • The best justification i have ever heard for someone ranting about their dislike of COD’s current direction. Is that other games tend to follow the same pathways, Hell Homefront could and should have had a wicked story and game but instead was just another quick 4 hour game with a cliffhanger.

            Something which doesn’t exist in other avenue’s because companies try to do there own thing’s to a larger extent. MAC’s are hardware locked crap imo, but i don’t need to rag on them because it’s not like everything else is trying to do the same thing.

            Because once someone has a MAC they don’t need another one until that one breaks/becomes crap. However when it comes to a shooter. Well in 3-6 month’s people might want to play a new one even if it’s only to take a break from COD for a month. And the mainstream players who weren’t here 10 years ago and only really know COD and Halo. Want games that play like those 2. They don’t want to learn new system’s or new game mechanic’s.

            It run’s the risk of doing what WoW did to MMO’s, Creating alot of inferior clone’s in the hope’s of tapping into the same market. MMO’s ran into the problem that they want a subscription which you probably aren’t forking out for when you play a clone and as a result the genre is starting to evolve again.

            However aside from add on DLC, All a generic COD clone needs to do is sell you the game, and hope they make enough sales before the shelves are full of used copies to make a profit

      • Chazz, Charles and a few others are some of the very few that understood the article. Firstly, the article is directed towards people that something (not just Call of Duty) with a passion and for the simple reasons of being “obnoxious elitist”. There are people who do hate COD for genuine reasons, and there’s no problem with that; you can actually justify why you hate it and are probably not so outspoken about it either. But if you feel offended by what Luke has said in this article, you prove the exact point he is trying make. His overall point is that you shouldn’t go out of your way to hate a form of entertainment, because in the end, what the hell is point of it!

    • Congratulations on not understanding the article at all. His problem (and mine too) is not about wether or not people hate a certain game/movie/album/artist/brand of rice. It’s about making such a huge deal out of it.
      If you don’t like the game or the series or the company, just dont buy it. There, I’ve solved your problem. If there is a shit movie which is somehow still popular (eg Transformers 3) I don’t jump round the internet screaming at how aweful i think it is. I just dont watch it.

      On another note – Luke, this article should have been writen without COD as a basis. The principle applies to almost every other thing people “hate”. But with that heading your going to pull the wrong crowd ^

      • No, I think he understood the article. He says he hates COD because its massive success suggests to the industry that some of the things it doesn’t do or doesn’t do well aren’t that important. Choosing not to give Activision your money won’t do much about that.

        Honestly the only tool that feels effective to signal to publishers that dedicated consoles, mod support and level design that requires you to engage with its mechanics is to whinge loudly in comment threads and forums. Whether it is or not is another issue, but the point is it feels like a job done.

        Admittedly the games industry is a lot less follow-the-leader than it’s ever been, thanks to the wholesale destruction of the mid-tier developers. Remember when every publisher and their dog had a WW2 shooter?

        • Sure, there are VALID reasons to dislike Call of Duty. No one is arguing against that. But to the extent that people go to, to make it known that they ‘hate’ or ‘dislike’ Call of Duty is far fetched. People hate on others simply because they prefer a game that they personally don’t.

          Who gives a shit? Don’t like the game, for whatever reason? Don’t buy it, don’t play it. Problem solved.

    • Selling video games is a business. If you can’t understand that, I suspect you may have struggled with economics anyway..

      • I agree. I get the article, just don’t agree with it.

        The game itself is not the problem. It’s the ethos it embodies.

        “That’ll cost extra”.

        It’s the executives that push the “1 COD a year” philosophy that piss people off. COD isn’t about creating an enjoyable game for it’s players, it’s about “monetizing” them.

        Think back to Quake for example. ID promoted a community. There were free mod tools. Want a map?: go to one of a hundred free map sites.

        Now I’m all for making games profitably (Mr Carmack has a nice Ferrari), but milking customers for every cent is weak.

        When people say “We Hate COD”, they are not taking about the game. They are saying “We Hate Getting Screwed”.

        • Except, they aren’t getting screwed because next to zero developers are doing mod tools anymore, because they make more money selling maps as DLC because yes, this is a business, and no, you apparently still don’t understand how that works.

          • So despite working holding a university degree in the industry for the past 4 years I don’t understand video games are a business?


  • I don’t hate COD – it is a well-made series- but it does surprise me that so many people would pay full price every year for so little change. Maybe it’s because I’m the single player type that likes to buy games that have lasting value and are worth experiencing over and over again but the idea of something that’s designed to last only as long as the newest one replaces it the following year, isn’t something I can get behind.

    Really it’s not just about COD and it’s not about elitism. The viability and continued huge success of any annual series threatens any risk-taking in the industry. It’s particularly worrying when we get a game that actually tries something different and then you have people complaining because it’s different to whatever other popular game they like.

    Elitism certainly drives a lot of the distaste for COD, but it’s not the only thing.

  • millions watch twilight, doesnt make it a good movie.

    and its critics, not moviers.

    your game sucks plunkett.

    I love being and arsehole.

  • All I know is that after liking the game for a period of time is that I started to realise it was the same shit in a different colour bucket each time, and that I have perfectly legitimate reasons to dislike it and whinge and moan every time I see someone blatantly defending it. You can like it, I am allowed to not like it and you’re not allowed to call me an arsehole and stupid for believing that. This article is wrong.

  • Luke seems to be implying (rather, outright stating) that anyone who really dislikes this game has something wrong with them and is an idiot.

    Troll article? EL OH EL.

  • I hate it because in the battle between developers wanting to create and innovate, and the money men insisting on playing it safe and churning out yet another sequel, it’s the standard bearer for the latter. How many games could have been created for the development budget of MW3?

    • and how many creative movies could have been made for the cost of Transformers 3? It’s pointless to speculate. I totally agree in theory, but if the shoe was on the other foot and someone said ‘MarkD, would you like to make this high selling game and get 16 million dollars, or this more creative one and get 100,000 dollars?’ I’d find it pretty difficult to go with the later.

  • I couldn’t care less about COD vs BF or trying to gain stripes in an internet dick waving match. I paid $ 90 for new game and instead got a map pack.

    • You’ve pretty much summarised my entire problem with the franchise. Felt absolutely ripped off when I bought MW2 cause I paid $80 for some new maps. Not making that mistake again.

    • hahaha! I agree…..but it won’t happen.
      not as long as fanboys remain just that – “close-minded,my game is superior to yours in every way, your game sucks even if it has sold more copies, did i mention my game is superior, you suck, go die N00B!” mY g@ME 4eVA!!! “- fanboys….

      I do believe you can be a fanboy, and not be a dick as well. They are a rare breed, but they’re out there…

  • Working at an ISP you learn to hate it because Activision put “NAT STRICT!!!!! ITS YOUR ISPS FAULT YOU DROP OUT OF GAMES!!! NOT OURS!!” and people call us asking for help on something we have no control over.

  • Actually, if anything this post makes you look like an arsehole, no offense.

    I don’t hate Call of Duty, I just don’t enjoy it so I didn’t buy it. The problem with the Call of Duty franchise is the way it has been turned into a cash grab by EA. The fact that the millions of people who buy it are then buying the DLC that contains a pathetic amount of content but then fragments the community for those who choose not to purchase said content by kicking gamers out of the room they were in because they don’t have the map pack that magically appears more often in the rotation. But since people purchase these packs in droves the rest of the market wants to get in on this cash cow and offers similar DLC with little content and we’re expected to just lap it up. If it wasn’t Call of Duty it would be Halo or Gears of War or some other competitive game that everyone plays that we would be complaining about but the main source of that complaining is at the industry who is putting less and less into games in order to increase their profits.

    So instead of addressing the issue, people like YOU ridicule those that seek to judge the industry instead of entering into mature discussion, furthering the issue because people who are ignorant take your word, as someone part of the industry, as gospel and use it as an argument as to why they are right and everyone else is wrong.

    Granted this is your opinion but you just abused a lot of your readerbase for no other reason than to make yourself look good. I have news for you, you don’t.

    Have a great weekend 🙂

    • That’s entirely the point – you’re an informed gamer and you don’t have to buy it or take part in it – the people that buy it are still most likely going to enjoy it and it’s not going to change any time soon. It’s like people who actively post negative comments and ‘dislike’ Justin Biebers Youtube videos – you don’t HAVE to pay attention to it, and it’s not a sign of a terrible music industry and ‘there’s no good music anymore wah wah wah’ (sorry I get worked up about the music thing). If you don’t like it, get over it, it’s not going to change any time soon from a few negative comments on a video games blog. HAVE A GOOD FRIDAY AND WEEKEND TOO! I mean that unironically by the way.

  • TBH, it’s not the game that I dislike. I have enjoyed every single COD title; it’s the people who play it online…nothing like being sworn at by a 12 year old because you killed him and he didn’t like it.
    You can only put up with that sort of thing for a limited period of time before giving it in.

  • Screw you Luke. I hate Call of Duty. I even hate Battlefield. I hate all of those modern-type war games. Not because I’m an “idiot” or an “obnoxious elitist”, but because the thought of shooting realistic people in a realistic and pointless war sickens me. People have different ways of seeing things.
    I find articles written specifically to attract site hits by trolling the target audience much more obnoxious and idiotic than someone who says they hate a specific game.

      • Did you hit the wrong reply button?
        Because nowhere in my post did I claim to hate bigotry, nor was I displaying bigotry myself.

    • I think he may have been talking about a more specific form of hate. Whereby people hate the game for the sole purpose of hating something successful and mainstream. They then go on to spout vitriol towards the game, the publisher and their customers, just because the game doesn’t suit their own tastes and is too commercial. That type of person may think that the annual release structure results in a poor value game, but, since value is something that is perceived differently by everyone, how can they judge the game or the players based on that premise?
      Your dislike of war based games is rationally thought out and considered, whereas the people Luke is talking about base their “hatred” of the game/company/community on nothing more than subjective nonsense.
      I.e. I’m pretty sure you are not the demographic Luke’s identifying.

      (Hi Strange!)

      • Oh I’m fully aware of what he meant, he just went about it completely in the wrong way. Insults were unnecessary and even kind of negated his point.

          • (Hi Eff!)

            Oh, and I probably should have been all mature and refrained from the “screw you” bit. But what the hell, sometimes you’ve got to live a little. 😛

        • His insults were well aimed, Strange. You know that. As much as we should try to always be polite there comes a time when one must call a spade a spade, even when it means being harsh. I have no love for KotakuUS but Luke has been nothing but 100% spot on with this article so whether his intentions were to generate hits or to make a point is irrelevant as he is still correct.

  • Not sure if the “moviers” analogy was suitable.
    There are movie snobs out there who consider their own taste in films to be superior and deride people who enjoy mainstream/blockbuster films.
    Avatar is a great CoD comparison. The movie didn’t have a lot of depth and was ridiculed for it’s lack of story, but it was a visual feast and was overall an enjoyable film. It was a blockbuster. However, due partly to its huge success, the backlash towards it was extreme. It received far more criticism than was necessary. People “hated” the film for petty reasons in much the same way that some game snobs hate CoD.

    • Wow, I was just about to make the exact same comparison. Avatar/COD mirror each other pretty well (besides the annual release schedule obviously :P).

      Anyway, this article could be written in reference to just about any major game, new console, etc and it would still have the same point. Everything that is popular (Mario comes to mind), has a vocal minority that will automatically ‘hate’ it in the comments (not so much on this website though, thankfully) and an article worded like this one isn’t going to settle any of those dramas.

      • Except the graphics in Avatar make you say “holy, F*n, Jesus.” If a game is just a cheap thrill, the least they can do is wow us with awesome graphics…

  • I enjoyed this rant – trolls needed a good public slap to the face. Why hate on other people for enjoying something – surely your time is worth more than that…or maybe it is’t. That being said, I don’t like the cheap shot at Dark Souls 🙁

  • I hate it because of what it does to industry standards and how it creates negative precedents for developers. The game/series itself is not terrible by its own merits, but the spillover effects are the concern.

    The effects of the Call of Duty franchise run deep throughout the industry. The problem that people have with the franchise stem from the games, but they are contained outside of them, in their surroundings. No-one’s sitting there saying “PEOPLE SHOULDN’T PLAY/ENJOY THIS GAME HURRRRRRRR”, but they are worried about the effects of Call of Duty’s immense success and what it means for the design of other games.

    • ^ This this and this. I don’t care about COD, its a popcorn game that I little interest in playing or paying attention to. What I find most worrying is the trend that games are being produced more and more for the masses, which is something that is a massive negative. People say the increasingly mainstream nature of video games is a good thing.. Good for who exactly? Shareholders or gamers?

  • I like being an asshole on the internet because it makes people like Luke cry out like this. The whole article screams of butthurt.

  • oh the irony of your article. i enjoy a few games of CoD occasionally with mates but not to often. Just because CoD made itself Mainstream does not mean it made Gaming Mainstream. Almost everytime I have been into a game shop or talked about games in public if im not talking about CoD i still get branded nerd and faggot (somehow these two are related) by guess who? Other CoD Players oh how awesome. 3 days ago in the video store i work in a young teenager asked if we had MW3 in i said no they are all out at the moment i suggested he could try something else. he said sure what you got i mentioned BF3 and various other shooters and he replied do i look like a fag to you?

    • So you’re going to do what? Paint all CoD fans with the same brush because of a few incidents? How about this, take a stroll through other articles (on any site) about CoD and notice the immature attitudes of those who hate on the franchise. No one group of fans is more mature than the other, whether in real life, online or in-game. There are ALWAYS people on ALL sides who act like idiotic children with a rage hard-on.

      It’s about time people learnt this.

  • Funny how the people raging back at this article are the same people who have been doing EXACTLY what Luke described.

    Great work folks, you’ve just proven his point.

    • What? The same people who are doing EXACTLY what Luke describes? I disagree. Luke Plunkett seems to be describing hardcore elitist “REAL GAMER” types who HATE CASUALS, etc. A lot of people here are citing legitimate reasons for disliking it. It’s worth noting that there ARE plenty of legitimate reasons for disliking, so it’s silly to assume people who don’t cite any reason dislike it because they are elitist arseholes.

      • Maybe you should take a stroll through ALL the BF3 and MW3 articles of the few months on this site alone. It is indisputable fact that the majority of immature, elitist remarks are coming from those who prefer BF3.

  • I’m an ‘idiot’ and ‘obnoxious elitist’ for disliking a game series?

    Fucking hell Kotaku AU; can’t you just annex all US Kotaku material? Their ‘journalists’ are terrible.

    • Wow. Really?!?!?

      “There is nothing wrong with not liking Call of Duty. Everybody has different tastes in gaming, and what might compel one person to line up for hours in the middle of night might cause another to…stay at home and get a good night’s sleep. Some people will like what the series offers, others won’t, that’s life.

      But there’s something wrong with hating Call of Duty, especially to the level many people bury themselves in at this time of year. I mean, what drives you to hate a video game? To work yourself up into such a state that you feel the need to project that hate, to continuously remind the world of how much you don’t enjoy it?”

      Learn to read.

  • Cod one was the first game i cut my competitive online gaming teeth on properly. i was pretty good at that, so many great memories. Was in a highly ranked clan on the old telstra game arena ladder.

    Loved COD2 when that came out, started up my own clan for that one and loved it to bits. 4 was solid but i didn’t find it as fun, i didn’t really have as many friends playing it. Then i jumped over to ARMA2 and racing simulations o.0. MW2 came out i didnt blink an eye. Just wasnt right to me for some reason, more of the same. Then blops came out played a bit of the multiplayer and it felt a bit more like cod 2. bought it and only put about 12 hours into it.

    Right now im loving Red orchestra 2 and BF3…The new cod doesn’t interest me in the slightest its just more of the same, (elitist troll comment coming up) i don’t feel like i need to bother with mw3 because despite never playing it i feel i could convincingly beat my friends and others let alone if i put some time into it. but i dont want to put the time into it, ive sunk enough of my life into the previous cods, at the time they offered something new, something different to CS, they had a different feel, something which clicked with me very well. That and the community was fantastic. These days its just all so different…yet exactly the same and i just don’t see the enjoyment

    tl;dr Old cods where better because they where different then, now-day’s its just recycled.

  • This isn’t journalism, this is Luke using his position on Kotaku to vent his own frustration at how much hate Call of Duty attracts.

    Guess what, hate is a word, it’s easy to type up and get everyone to understand what your view is on something without using a few sentences to describe it. It’s a word that has lost what it really means and has taken on more of a collective meaning.

    People hate Call of Duty for the exact same reason they hate Justin Beirber and Twilight, the hate success. You can be successful, but become too successful they will hate it. But in the same vein gamers dislike Call of Duty because it’s the same damn game every release; it’s becoming less of a game and more a genre in its own right. Basically, you’ve played one call of duty, you’ll know what to expect in the next one, and next one.

    What I don’t agree with is the need for this “article” to begin with, people already know this, and people aren’t stupid for hating on something, that’s merely their own opinion being expressed in the simplest way possible.

    • No, we don’t hate Justin Bieber and Twilight because we ‘hate success’, we hate them because they produce terrible fucking music, books, and movies.

      • Justin bieber sleeps on mountains of cocaine and teenage strippers… I’m fairly sure he doesn’t care all that much about the people who dislike his overly produced but catchy music

        • I guess we should all like him then? Skrew expression. Just like anyone who hates call of duty is obnoxious /rollseyes.

          This article is terrible.

  • This whole article is one big obnoxious cry. People hate on things. It’s no reason to write an article on it. Cod DOES represent a lot of what is wrong with the entertainment medium. Games like this would have received MASSIVE funding that could have been spent on new ip. I know business is business, but half the haters don’t. It’s the barrage of hating that will eventually lead to a drop in sales and consequently the publishers end up trying new IPs. It happened to EA (re:NSF: carbon/prostreet/underground and all the shitty MOH’s) let the hating take its natural course and stop being a fucking sook

  • Could you possible posted an article that would generate more rage…? I think not good job! However i hate what call of duty has become. Because it used to be so much epic fun and now instead of reaching gaming nirvana it is being dragged through the mud for money… think of the wasted potential. I also hate the idiots who buy it because without them Activision would have to TRY to get our money by IMPROVING the game and LISTENING to us. So fuck them for having NO standards.

    • And what about EA sticking with the simplified gameplay of Bad Company for “Battlefield” 3? Is that acceptable because they fancied up the graphics?

      • Whatever the case may be, from a gameplay and technical perspective BF3 (PC) is light years ahead of MW3. You don’t have to be an idiot to realise that and while they have certainly stripped it back since BF2, comparing MW3 and BF3 is really like comparing a Toyota to a Ferrari. One is made for the masses, the other is not. SImple.

        • So one is made for sensible people with a sensible budget and the other is for people with way too much money who are after a status symbol?

      • I get that Battlefield 3 retains (somewhat) the more simplified gameplay of Bad Company, but saying that Battlefield 3 is just as much a leap from Bad Company 2 as MW3 is from MW2 is just… laughable.

        • I never said the jump from BC2 to BC3 was the same as MW2 to MW3, I’m merely pointing out that BC3 is just as flawed as MW3. One is still almost identical to it’s predecessor but it retains it’s identity, it doesn’t try to be something it’s not. The other removes it’s subheading to pretend to be something it isn’t and for me personally, that is far more insulting.

  • Another quality article by Mister Plunkett. I really wish they’d get rid of this guy. If he a Ashcraft go Kotaku will be much better.

  • It’s not stupid to hate on COD. Especially if they keep on going by producing what is essentially the same game with every damn release, it’s no wonder people hate on it.
    It goes for every game. If you make a fantastic game, (we’re going by how it plays, not by how many units it sells.) but change nothing in the sequels, then over time, it will piss people off.
    Don’t forget, a new release title is around the $90 to $100 region.
    If you’re going to want to make a game that sells well, then see how many copies get traded in over x amount of time.
    If a lot get sent back in a short period of time, that’s a sign that the game is essentially crap.
    That is what COD has become.
    The same game over four titles with virtually nothing new added to it each time.
    And you think you can justify $400 on one good game and three piles of crap? Hell no.
    Activision are constantly doing this. If Kotick’s head wasn’t so far up his own arse, and he had let the Guitar hero games be released every 2 to 3 years with some major improvements, then the franchise mightn’t have died in the arse.
    Instead, it’s all a god damn cash grab.

  • So its stupid to hate a game series that:

    -Is the same shit every god-damn year
    -Offers nothing new to the table
    -Has lowered the standards of most games today (remember Bioware saying “We want Call of Duty’s audience”?)
    -Has possibly single-handedly skewed review systems to a point where anything under an 8/10 is considered as crap and “worst game of the year”

    Really? Please tell me you didn’t get paid by Kotick to say this.

    • Don’t forget

      – Tried to tell us dedicated servers were not a necessity.
      – Introduced a no penalty respawn system.
      – Cheesy guns that sound like there shooting potatoes or peas.
      – Lame commercials….

  • I don’t really hate your shitty articles but…. no wait, I do. They are awful. Sorry folks, move along here.

  • obnoxious elitist eh?

    The only obnoxious elitists around are a huge majority of the CoD fan base and activision. Honestly the garbage coming from their mouths online and through media is astonishing. Reviews, and talk are all the same. Everyone praises it like their bible, when there are so many obvious flaws and other things which if it were any other game, would get pounced on and criticised.

    Short campaign, recycled code from 4 years ago, charging for recycled maps on the same engine, over charging for maps and services free to other outlets, no changes to gameply or visuals the past 4 years, broken gameplay and the list goes on, yet people continue to praise it as the biggest thing since sliced bread, and anyone who disagrees and voices their opinion as being “shit,gay,fag” or in this case an obnoxious elitist.

    Also pointed out by other people it’s happened before, and was it because haters were just hating? No it was the Publishers getting greedy and trying to milk the cash cow, and the people who werent small minded and noticed and let their voice be heard. In the end the franchise dies because of nuermous reasons, one of which people see its more of the same, and decide not to buy it i.e. The late Guitar Hero franchise.

    Those who do treat CoD like a bible despite its flaws and continue to bag anyone who hates it, and the media that overhype it are now in my basket of “Overhyped, Obnoxious idiots and Overally Crap” with Justin Bieber and his fans, Twilight and its fans and others. I will only respect the CoD franchise, when they can prove to me they are worth being respected for, and aren’t riding the back of CoD4s success.

  • ive played of the latest COD games, havent gotten to mw3 yet, and they have great graphics and multiplayer but the game lacks in storyline, which shouldn’t take away from the game

  • I just don’t like it, becuase it’s so popular and yet so repetitive, it’s kind of depressing that people shell out money every year for a skin and a mappack of the most generic sort of team-deathmatch based FPS gameplay ever made.

  • I love CoD, I just hate how its been lowered to the position of “most expensive yearly mappack”. No hate there; dont misunderstand.

  • This absolutely makes sense. How could someone miss the point of the article?

    It’s fine to not like a game/movie, ect. But some people seem to make it their mission in life to hate something. If you don’t like COD, that’s fine, don’t play it. But you don’t need to act like an arse to people who do enjoy it and act like the game is beneath you.

    I don’t hate COD, but I don’t like it that much either. So I simply don’t buy it. Easy.

  • The word ‘fan boy’ keeps popping up in this comments section. Seriously people, you don’t have to be a fan to like something, and being a fan doesn’t mean your thoughts no longer apply. This article is about stopping the HATE and elitism that people seem to develop, and using the single entity of COD as a scapegoat.
    – IF I haven’t played all the pokemon generations released, does that no longer make me a pokemon fan?
    – IF I’ve only played Twilight Princess and loved it, does that make me any less of a fan of Zelda?
    – IF I’ve seen all the Star Wars movies, but my favourite is Phantom of Menace, does that make me less of a fan?
    – IF I love MW3, BF3, Dark Souls, Skyrim, Infamous, Assassin’s Creed and Final Fantasy XIII, does that mean I am better than people who JUST play COD?

    Stop the hate! It’s like all those TV shows people hate- you don’t like it/are offended by it… STOP WATCHING IT!

    • It doesnt make you better than them – just means your into videogames more than them. COD fans are actually more into extreme headbutting from large distances – Call of Duty is just a diversion till they caught their breath, hahaha

  • I haven’t played a fps online in about 3 years now, but i used to play for 4-5 hours EVERY NIGHT.
    The advent of these fps games where i have to play with a gimped character and level him up and “unlock” the weapons and such just made me quit.
    Fps used to be about the skill, not the unlocks.
    And now every developer sees it as the only way to go.
    When i have to have the game on launch day and play it every day or fall behind, it’s just not fun anymore.

  • I used to hate COD with a passion, even though I had never played a game before? Why? Because it was popular to do that

    I eventually played black ops, and enjoyed it, after that, I’ve never dissed cod again, it’s not my favorite series, but I can see how others enjoy it.

  • so wait, other series of games (fifa, nba, battlefield, assassins creed etc) who make the same games every year are applauded and celebrated, but when call of duty does it and breaks records for sales, that’s wrong?

    seriously, all these mad neckbeards on the internet need to stick to pronefield 3 and stop hating for no reason.

    • Battlefield isn’t a yearly franchise, and according to DICE, never will be. I’m not sure how honest they’re being, but here’s hoping.
      Assassin’s Creed actually provides something new with each release, whether it be multiplayer in Brotherhood or a campaign longer than CoD’s astoundingly short ones.

      Most of people’s problems with CoD is that they’re released year after year without providing new content.

  • Wow? So I’m an idiot am I luke?

    I propose that the only idiot here is the one that writes articles consisting of a few pictures and a few sentences.

    Learn to write you fucking chump

  • There’s a difference between hating the franchise and hating the phenomenon that’s grown up around it. I’m largely indifferent to the games themselves, but the obnoxious element in the community would be enough to make me steer clear even if I were interested in them.

  • In my opinion, its not that its a bad game, its just not amazing.
    Like someone said earlier, you get games like TF2 which are similiar genre’s, but no one ever complains about it.
    CoD just doesnt do an amazing job as some other shooters do

  • “But there’s something wrong with hating Call of Duty, especially to the level many people bury themselves in at this time of year. ”

    ‘I hate this game because of x reason.’

    I think that sums up this article in a nutshell

  • I hate COD. What I am trying to say is, COD sucks. Like if COD were a piece of 3 ply paper, I still wouldn’t wipe my ass with it. I may use COD as tinder to light a fire but only if I don’t intend on eating food cooked by that fire, because the stink would make me vomit. The end.

  • I enjoyed the first one. I put up with the second. I disliked the third. I hated the rest. The people playing them are stupid, sure, but that’s because of their behavior, not the content.

    The content is still stupid, however. The plots make no sense, the gun mechanics are terrible, the acting is cringe-worthy, and not in the 80s horror way.

    Call of Duty has a long way to go to be considered good. I mean, there’s what, 7 titles between the latest iteration and the first one?

  • it’s ruining the video game industry, that’s why people hate it. I enjoy COD but I hate whats happening to the market.

  • Luke calls a lot of kettles black, I’ve noticed. He’s pretty darn snarky/jerky in most of his posts, but lately he’s been trying to call other people out for the same thing.

    “It’s awesome to have a positive opinion, but damn you if you have a negative opinion, you arsehole. Damn you.”

    *rolls eyes*
    *goes back to Peacewalker*

  • I think the last point about how people don’t go around calling themselves “moviers” and how they’re the only true ones really illustrates my point. Yes, not your point, MY point. Movies are absolute garbage. To get a budget even moderately acceptable, you have to suck the throbbing ego of any number of publishers and make something that has a huge amount of mass appeal and as little as possible potential for offence. You need to make a watered down piece of crap, where whatever message you wanted to send must be understandable by a blind deaf and dumb monkey. And I don’t mean monkey as a metaphor for a stupid human, I mean an actual monkey.

    And that’s exactly where games have been headed for a long time now. And you know, it’s an even bigger threat in games. What happens to a movie with a bad budget? At best it looks kind of ugly, and at worst it has bad acting. It can still be enjoyable; a movie made on a zero budget can still be a good movie.

    A game can not. Best case scenario is the graphics suffer. Worst case – and we’ve all seen it – is that the gameplay is awkward, the balance/difficulty is so lopsided you wonder if you’re accidently sequence-breaking, and ultimately the game is unplayable.

    And tell me, honestly, what was the last game that appealed to YOU, PERSONALLY. Not some random game you enjoyed. Not a shooter you played for a few hours because you were pwning some noobs or what the hell ever. When was the last time you played a game that almost, or did, make you cry, that made you laugh hard enough to choke, that made you genuinely vengeful for the misfortune of the protagonist?

    You want to know the last game that made me feel any of them? It was Nier. You know what happened to that game? The developers went bankrupt after making it. They made something genuinely artistic, that spoke personally to a specific audience. They knew they weren’t making some mass-appeal piece of crap that would shift a million copies. They knew they were making something beautiful for the sake of being beautiful. Actual art.

    And what was their reward? What were they given for the selfless act of trying to break even and make something great in the process? Unemployment. Their reward was to lose their jobs, their time, however much money went into the project. Why? Because they weren’t shitheads who are happy to step all over the medium to make a quick buck.

    And don’t even get me started on the more relevant issue of Rock Band 3. Harmonix wouldn’t settle for crap, they did their best to make something actually innovative. They made probably the best rhythm game ever made, only to find out good old Activision had beaten that horse so hard there was nothing left. It didn’t sell as well as even one of Guitar Hero’s half-yearly full-price expansion packs, all because Activision had bled the market dry without a care for the actual things they were making.

    I know companies are all out to make money. I know that. But a special few companies decide they actually want to make a good product in the process. Some of them, saints that they are, even decide making a good product is more important than making money, even if money is still an objective. CoD is the poster child for the complete opposite. It is the epitome of making a game because you will receive money for it, and absolutely zero other reason.

    No, I will continue to hate Call of Duty thank you, and I will continue to do it with pride. I will not allow some guy just trying to stir up drama to tell me I shouldn’t, and I will not listen when he tries to make personal attacks just to help his argument. I do not have the opportunity to put my job on the line to make a wonderful game, the least I can do is put my reputation on the line to make life miserable for those who cost Cavia their jobs.

    However stupid it may be to hate Call of Duty, there are no words to describe how much stupider it is to defend it.

  • I’m not going to dislike one aspect of a medium because I personally don’t enjoy it. I’ll find another that suits me find. In this case, one of the bf series games will server as an example. Wont argue that these games have done their part in bringing gaming into the social norm, and that’s great. I’m not going to even argue that the game doesn’t look nice, isn’t written (code) well, because it looks fine enough, and it’s written well enough.

    However, I’ve grown up on games. I’ve played several series of games, especially the better ones. Final fantasy, The Legend of Zelda, Battlefield, The Elder Scrolls, The Earlier Tony Hawks and earlier Need for Speed games. All these games are good examples of how to work with a series. Sure the basic formula is often similar, in some cases almost the same. But each of the games in these series for the most part, can be called it’s own game, was distinctly different, content wise. That is not something that be said when we look at the recent call of duty titles.

    Bringing gaming to the larger amount of people, yeah sure that’s cool, but do we see facebook games like farmville getting any commendations for getting our mothers into games?

    The multiplayer for the newest title in the series is little more than a bunch of map packs, and the single player isn’t offering an experience worth $100+. I don’t hate the game, I’m disgusted with the production team, and the development team. Looking at the gameplay, as a programmer, and a gamer, I can see that the code has been copied and touched up from the last game, as that had been from the one before it. All of the recent games have been built on almost identical engines, 3.0, 4.0 and a slightly different version of 4.0. The reason? Because you can copy the code and modify it to suit the engine with minimal work. It’s a basic programming trick. And when that’s all you’re doing, making a few adjustments and passing it off as a piece in it’s own right, at the same price, that’s crap. That’s a shit thing to do to people.

  • Thank You! The number of times i have had to close a kotaku comment section just because of the hate filled douche bags who feel the need to spout their bile every time call of duty is mentioned is just ridiculous. Bout time someone called them out.

      *Throws keyboard at monitor*

      actually no i’m good 😛
      i don’t fully understand the hate surrounding it… i’m not a CoD player, i don’t enjoy the gameplay, it’s just not what i’m looking for to entertain me.
      the fact that other gamers are out the enjoying them, good for them, why should i tell them any different?
      there are plenty of other games targeted for people like me, and it’s not like i can’t play and enjoy them with other people just because they play CoD every once in a while as well…

      People just need to learn to agree to disagree, no matter what your stance is you gotta admit that they did something right with that series of games if they can keep milking it like they are, you might not like the way they’ve done it, but i’ll be damned it works… obviously… just not on me

  • You could substitute every instance of the word ‘hate’ in this article for the word ‘love’ and it would be just as valid.

    I both approve and disapprove of CoD for the same reasons I approve and disapprove of Twilight. Sure, it gets the kids reading, gets them into the library and the bookshops, gets them interested in reading and keeps money flowing through the industry. It’s also bland, repetitive pap.

    And Kotaku? Shock value is fine, generating controversy and discussion is great, but pissing in your readers Cornflakes is never a good idea.

  • I disagree. Call of Duty has gained considerable mainstream attention, and as a result spawned many knock offs, effectively wiping out a significant portion of creativity in the industry. Rather than the innovation we previously saw in the late ’90’s for the industry, we now instead have Battlefield, CoD, Red Orchestra, and countless other poor FPS clones that bring little to no innovation, simply because it sells well. Activision will drive this game into the ground, but until then they’ll be a figurehead for the industry, leaving other publishers convinced that the copy/paste brown ‘n’ bloom shooter genre is the best way to make money, thus leaving many other genres in decline.

    But like most, you’ve decided that YOUR opinion is correct, and everyone who disagrees with the argumentum ad populum must be part of the vocal minority who hates it as edgy hipsters. Your own argument of hating the people who dislike the series and entirely disregarding any legitimate complaints is just as bad, if not worse.

  • Hey look, an article telling me I’m an obnoxious elitist for despising a game that has been dragging the game industry down… in the exact manner the article damns.

    Screw you, Hypocrite. I hate Call of Duty because the games have a history (3, and every game after W@W, really) of having lackluster content. Short, unimpressive campaigns, Shoehorned “Co-Op” modes (Spec Ops in MW2, Zombies in Black Ops), and generally unbalanced, rich-get-richer competative MP… Yeah, CoD titles are a REAL good example of modern game design…

    • Lackluster is a personal opinion. I think they’re quite nice and while I’d prefer them to have more content, I wouldn’t call them lackluster.

  • I haven’t played Call of Duty since numero uno so I can’t speak for quality of the games but I hate that the wild success of Call of Duty is having a negative impact on the quality and diversity of games as a whole.

    If not for Call of Duty, or more correctly, developers “chasing” Call of Duty’s audience then:

    Mass Effect 2 / Dragon Age 2 would have been RPG’s.
    Dead Space 2 would have been survival horror.
    Syndicate and X-COM remakes wouldn’t be FPS.

    So on and so forth.

  • Never trust a man who only plays one game,
    and never trust a publisher who calls an videogame series a “Franchise”

    • And never trust someone who makes assumptions about someone’s video gaming habits based on a complete lack of evidence and never trust someone who parades their definition of “franchise” incorrectly in an attempt to discredit the other’s command of the English word “franchise” when in fact they were using it legitimately? 🙂

  • Being the anti-snob to the regular snobs does not make you balanced person, it just makes you look like even more of an obnoxious elitist because you’re SO ahead of the curve, you’re now sneering at the people mocking the bandwagon.

    I don’t like CoD, and I think despising its business model is perfectly valid. It’s being released by money-grubbing carpetbaggers who are running it into the ground milking kids for everything they have with map packs, special editions and DLC. I also think reviling its player base is also perfectly valid because I have the feeling that Luke Plunkett has never jumped into XBL CoD servers before.

    Typical Gawker media, writing inflammatory “FUCK YOU” articles to insult their readership to strum up page hits.

  • I don’t hate Cod but I dislike Cod fanboys. Cod is not the game for me, but I don’t hate people for liking it. I roll my eyes every time I see a mother pick it up for her 12 year old (or younger) son.
    I just hate that most of these people who obsess about COD is that if you say “have you played half life 2?” straight away you will get insults about how it’s completely inferior to the wholly superior COD.
    You see, there are the elitist arse holes who hate COD because it’s so popular, but there are the elitist arse holes that will hate everything else.
    Two sides to the story, two faces to a coin. Understand?

  • this post is pointless. people are allowed to hate shit if they want, for whatever reason they want – whether the reason is deemed relevant or whatever is not for you to judge, neither is it cool for you to call people who hate COD idiots. stop throwing a strop because people keep blasting something that i can only assume you love.

  • I like all games that I find fun, including JRPGs, strategy, and FPSs. So I’m glad for this article because it really peaves me off when some guy goes around paying out all who like a game simply because they don’t, even if I like all the same games as them.

    As one of the destructoid writers said, what the hell is the videogames world coming to if it’s becoming so commonplace to bag someone for playing a videogame, when in the eyes of equally critical and biased non-gamers we’re all losers anyway! 😉

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