Why The World Of Skyrim Is One You Should Visit

By day, Marf is one of the Editors on ABC's Good Game, by night? He plows through the world of Skyrim in search of incredible vistas and scenery. He just posted a timelapse video of his experiences and it's absolutely gorgeous. This has made me want to play Skyrim more than any trailer, screenshot, or review I've ever seen.

It's confirmed my theory that the real pleasure of playing Skyrim is existing in an incredible universe, and reminds me of a similarly incredible vid released by Rockstar after the launch of Red Dead Redemption.

How can it only be 11.30? I need to go home and play more Skyrim.

Thanks Eliot, and amazing job Marf.


    mmmmmm skyrim

    best game I have ever played when nostalgia is set aside.

    i plan to play it for so long :D

    this makes me want to play it more! to bad JB f'd my order so now i got to sort that out. i wanna play so bad!

    I pre-ordered from ozgameshop so I wouldn't be supporting the price gouging, now I am still waiting for it in the mail :'(

      Same here. It's killing me.


        I'm sure the first time I load up the game I am just going to lose it. Especially at night when that aurora appears. That looks phenomenal.

          The best thing about having to wait is that all the awesome graphics tweaks are floating around. They make the game look SO AMAZING.

      I went to pre-order it from OzGameShop but it was over $60. I bought it on the day it broke street date for $78. Well worth the extra money.

        I just grabbed the PC edition with the "Premium Map" and it cost me $55

      Check out green man gaming - so awesome. $53 aud and I was able to dl skyrim with a steam key on the morning of the global release. Compared to $90 from steam itself. So Valve, where are those 37 bucks going??

    Can I play Skyrim without ever having touched Morrowind or Oblivion?


      Whether you can function in society being an Essendon supporter is another issue.

        BURNED!!!! Buy me a copy and I'll gladly spare society for a couple weeks.

    could you increase the timescale in the console and experience this in realtime?

    yet there are still morons and dumb shits on metacritic givng this game a 0/10

    JusT thought Kotaku Australia should know, I love the iPhone version of this site, but links to YouTube videos aren't clickable, the come up as code or something. The videos work on iPhone as I can copy and past the video ID, but it's not clickable.

    Makes me happy just to think of it. Can't wait to get back and set fire to a few more sidequests. Haven't touched the main story in, oh... 30 hours?

    I f%$king hate unemployed people right now... no offense, of course. Just jealous ;)

      I was happily unemployed (by choice, not on the doll or anything before anyone has a whinge) up until a week before Skyrim. I was expecting to be able to sink at least 8 hours a day into it, which would have been awesome. Then a great opportunity came along which I couldn't turn down. Oh well, I guess that's what weekends are for.

        I feel your pain, friend. Stay strong :P

    This is the video game equivalent of this guy, in fact I'd go so far as to say it is the result of being inspired by this:


    Amazing stuff, well done Marf!

      Thanks! :)
      That link is incredible, have never seen Dustin's work, but that is truly remarkable! Definitely something worth aspiring to, just need to find the time to do it! :)

    I am 35 hours in, geez its consuming my life this game.

    Its so awesome, currently exploring Markab (or something like that) and the Reach and the forewore, so awesome this area is. Players must explore the region, so far the best of what I have explored in interesting things. When visting Markab go to the Jarl building but go to the research site to the west, there is some awesome exploring down there I cannot spoil, but dont miss it.

    I feel like i should be watching this on National Geographic 0_0

    On a side note, how awesome are the Northern lights in this game? Every time I see it I start walking slowly and panning around. Just... beautiful.

      Sit on a beach near dawnstar at night and look up at the sky over the ocean... just spent a good 10min doing that

    I think this video just made me decide I'm not going to wait for more mods to be released, bugs to be fixed and the price of the game to come down, I'm getting it NOW!

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