Why Video Games Work Better Without Narration

Why Video Games Work Better Without Narration

Charming RPG Bastion had some gorgeous visuals, yeah, but it’s going to be remembered more for its novel use of narration than anything else.

For Bastion, it worked, and it worked really well, given the way he was used as much to tell a story as to give a play-by-play. Give other games narration, like this video does, and it’s easy to see why other games don’t work quite so well.

Dorkly Bits: Bastion Narrator Invades Other Games [Dorkly]


  • It all depends on the game, it’s story and the context that the player’s interaction takes place within.

    RPGs with entirely constructed narratives will always work the best, as they are games that are telling you a story regardless of whether it’s through a secondary observer.

    However, as soon as you introduce elements of the game that allow the player to project their own personalities and choices in to the story, the effect is ruined, as players become the narraters themselves in these situations.

  • The Gunstringer has narration and is probably the best example of the technique that I’ve seen, now to watch this video…

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