Wii Resident Evil Games Ready To Scare The PS3

Wii titles Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles and Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles are coming to the PS3 as a HD single title called Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Selection, complete with Move support. Release date is TBA. [4Gamer.net]


    Love how the PS3 is getting a slew of Wii ports as of late.

    Rather have Resident Evil: Archives on PS3 then these pointless on-rail shooter games

    I would have bought these games ages ago if you could calibrate the Wii remote to be 1:1 with the screen, and disable crosshairs. No other way to play a lightgun shooter imo. But apparently you can't do that, so I gotta stick to HotD instead.

    Stop sucking, Capcom.

    Dear Capcom,

    Who do I have to sleep with to get RE: Remake and RE: Zero ported to the PS3?


    I remember the days when the Wii got ports, not the other way round...

    so, wait..can resident evil game run on toilet paper-i mean ps3:)

    Man CAPCOMs motto: Recycle Everything! And release new editions of the same damn game every year. Like DR2 off the record - if I bought DR2 I'd be pretty pissed off right about now...

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