Will The PS3 Overtake The Xbox 360?

Nintendo rules this generation, leaving Microsoft and Sony to duke it out for numero two. So, which of those two is winning?

As website MCVUK pointed out, Microsoft. The US console maker announced last month that it has sold 57.3 million Xbox 360s worldwide. Today, Sony revealed that it's sold 56 million PS3s.

Simple maths tells us that Sony is now within striking distance -- only 1.3 million consoles away. I say "only", but 1.3 million of anything is a lot. Last quarter, Sony sold slightly more consoles compared with the same period last year: 3.7 million compared to 3.5 million PS3s.

Still, neither are nowhere near Nintendo, who, as of last month, posted a whopping worldwide grand total of 88.3 million sold Wiis.

PS3 close to catching Xbox 360 [MCVUK]

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    I think it will happen by xmas. Im in luv with my new (3rd!) PS3 atm, finally got to play Ico & Shadow Of The Colossus & they are 2 of the best games Ive ever played. Then after work today, Uncharted 3:) I love adventure games! Not knocking the 360, but the PS3 seems to have much more variety in its games library.
    And considering the shaky first few years the PS3 went through (I know, I had a 60GB launch model!) , im very impressed with how Sony were able to turn things around for the PS3.

    but how many WII's sold last month? serious question. is it still actually selling?

    Neither will catch the Wii, but the PS3 will overtake the 360 by the end of this generation cycle, on the back of Japan and Europe.

    For a product that had a shaky start based on it's price and shipping a full year later (in Western markets) than the 360, I think it's caught up pretty well.

    I know that this article is primarily concerned with hardware, but I think that Microsoft has made a fundamental mistake with their accessory pricing that may start to impact on their software sales. I own a 20gb Xbox, and would have upgraded to a bigger hard drive years ago if they weren't charging so much for them... As a result, my Xbox hard drive is now chockers so now I get multiplatform games on my PS3 so that I can download DLC for them if I want to. Am I the only one doing this?

      i'm amazed that your launch xbox is still working!

        Yeah, it had a RROD about 3 years in, sent it off to get fixed and no worries ever since. He's a trooper.

    But didnt 360 have a 50% fail rate with RROD, and how many people just went out and brought another one with the rediculous turn around on replacement(3 months from memory)?

      I had a Wii that died out of Warranty, a 360 that died out of Warranty (not RRoD), and a PS3 that died out of Warranty. Nintendo asked me for $180 to fix the Wii. Sony wanted $250 to fix my PS3, and Microsoft said that it'd be cheaper for me to buy a new 360. I didn't like the Wii that much, the best thing about the PS3 was Blu-Ray and Region Free Games, but overall I preferred the 360.

      I think all of these consoles had way too high a failure rate and the standard warranty's are too short especially for a console that they don't want to replace for the better part of a decade.

    88.3 million Wii's sold. . . and only one million are played.

      Nice if you provided some actual evidence thankyou

    I have both a 360 and a PS3 - I play my 360 more but like them equally. I'm beginning to look at getting more games on my PS3 that I would usually get on my 360, especially after Battlefield 3.

    However - I think a company like Microsoft or Sony would much prefer to look at the money they're making from the product than the overall sales. Sure sales make them look good, more customers to make more potential money. Sure Nintendo have clearly won it and I see this gen ending sooner than Sony & MS expected with the Wii U announcement (even if it looks to be a potential bomb or disappointment - they still don't want the possibility of missing out too much) - but Nintendo are now bleeding money.

    I think they're marketing was brilliant and the motion control they introduced - brought a new league of people to gaming. But once they had sold these products, they didn't know what to do. They're marketing tumbled, third party games bombed and clearly people grew tired of the usual, expected Mario title here and there.

    Put the PS3 or 360 in it's place, in terms of sales and publishers would be rolling down even more mountains of money. Was the motion control a gimmick? I don't know I've never owned a Wii - friends that have never played games or family members own one and the fad went away. Every now and then they bring it out when they have friends around to play drunken singstar or some party game.

    Even with Sony announcing a loss this quarter - I still see the 360 and PS3 as major successes compared to the Wii longterm. It has taken years to develop each into an entertainment device - the launch of the next gen consoles I can imagine will offer all of these at once. I think THEN we will see a longer generation perhaps.

    However the only thing I can see short-terming a new gen is the PC. You betcha MS are a lil embarrassed with the Battlefield 3 launch. Corse a competitor like Nintendo are hurrying Sony & MS - but with PCs offering MORE yearly in upgrades, there comes a time where consoles have no way of keeping up and a new hardware is needed.

      Firstly noone expected the Wiis success probably even NIntendo. Even the best supposed analyst Patcher got it completely wrong. Secondly they dont need to market. The Wii sold it self thanks to a game called Wii Sports that introduced motion control to the Masses, something that no one had ever seen before. The marketing took care of it self after that. Why waste money on marketing when in the first 4 years they had record sales and massive profits? Why market the Wii now (when sales are dwindling) when there focus now is the Wii U? Why when Nintendo have always concentrated on one home console for about 5 years then move on to the next? Make sense now?

      Motion control a gimmick of fad? Yeah thats why all competing console makers have their own version. Look at Microsofts e3 this year, with a massive focus on Kinect. But no when Nintendo does it its a fad gimmick, when the others do it its ok right? Hmmm whats that H word that seems to apply.

      BTW i stopped playing the Wii along time ago. Does it mean its a failure? No, i just look at the numbers and the facts. No matter how you want to spin it the Wii was a success and the number one selling console (and software) & Motion control is not a fad or gimmick (thanks to all consoles having a version).

      The Wii did its job. Open new markets, saved Nintendo from, and made massive profits for the company. Its only failure was the lack of Serious third party support, but thats something they seem to be addressing with the Wii U. But its too early to tell for sure.

      I dont believe the next ps4 or xbox720 can ever compete with the PC now. Tell me after the massive losses sustained trying to make the most powerful consoles neither was the profit or market success as the weaker Wii. You think that they will try that again with absolutely no guarantee of market success? Oh BTW can you explain how a console will ever fit an 8-16 core processor with 4-8 GPUs in Sli/Crossfire and24+gigs of RAM in such a small consumer sized package (do you think they will make a console the size of a PC Tower- i dont think so)? Think about it. Consoles had their time but now PC hardeare have accelerated at such a pace that they have no chance anymore. Pc is an will always remain king of Graphics.

    I just have to make this comment even though it's off topic - as I saw someone mention it above.

    People keep saying that Microsoft should be embarrassed about the Battlefield 3 launch issues. The 360 version is currently seeing around the same activity as PS3 and PC combined - a lot more traffic and a lot more work to keep things running smoothly. Also - the BF3 servers for Xbox 360 are owned and managed by EA themselves - not Microsoft. It's not hard to find this information - Microsoft would be embarrassed, for sure, but the fact that a lot more people are playing this game on 360 surely makes up for that.

    Im sorrt but i do not class the Wii as a 7th gen console, sure it was released at the same time as the HD consoles bur its far one, the HD war has begun with Xbox 360 and PS3 and will be joined with the Wii U the Wii was a good idea for Nintendo to tread the water with motion control obviously they didnt have the technology to compete with 360 or PS3..OR they didnt want to have a HD console with motion control that bombed out, now its been proven to be a sucsess they are releasing a HD Wii or Wii U by its proper name, the motuon control was no gimmick as some have said but its now no where near as good as PS Move or Kinect, but lets not forget Sony started it all with the Eyetoy altho nintendo pushed it properly bit on topic i can see the PS3 overtaking the 360 simply because of the PS3s appeal, the main thing that turned people away from it was its price...its now as cheap as the Xbox 4gb with kinect but you dont need to fork out more money for a overpriced HD and the rest is what we already know like thw blu ray and its game range has passed that of the 360 and is starting to look like the good old PS2 days

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