Will This Real-Life Discovery Impact Uncharted?

Will This Real-Life Discovery Impact Uncharted?

Uncharted stars John Nathan Drake, a descendent of famed explorer Sir Francis Drake.

In the first game, Drake searches for Sir Francis Drake’s remains and the lost city of El Dorado. Sir Francis Drake once again plays a key role in the latest Uncharted game, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. The games, like many good yarns, mix fact and fantasy.

Meanwhile, in the real world, The Daily Telegraph recently reported that an expedition is underway that might have discovered the location of Drake’s long lost fleet. The expedition is being funded and led by Pat Croce, the former owner of the Philadelphia 76ers and a “pirate aficionado”, and it discovered what is believed to be two of Drake’s ships–the 195-ton Elizabeth and 50-ton Delight–off the coast of Panama.

“We are 98 per cent sure of their veracity,” Croce told The Daily Telegraph. “The charred wood, the lead on board, the English pottery from that period. And we’re confident no crew in its right mind would have deliberately sailed there.”

Sir Francis Drake became ill while off the coast of Portobelo. He was buried in a lead coffin in full body armour so the Spanish could not reclaim his body. Scanning the seafloor, the expedition is currently looking for his coffin. The ships remain in the water, because they were found in Panama and, thus, belong to the country.

If these ships turn out to actually be Drake’s and if the treasure hunters discover Drake’s coffin, will these real world events factor into the fictional Uncharted universe? Just hope that nobody discovers mutated Nazis. Or that ice monster from the second game.

Sir Francis Drake’s Final Fleet [Telegraph Thanks Bert-Jan!]


  • “will these real world events factor into the fictional Uncharted universe”

    That doesn’t even deserve an answer.

    • I disagree. The series was inspired by real events in the first place, and can continue taking at least a little inspiration in the future.

    • Yeah what’s the problem? if they discover something new, i think it would be amazing if they added new references in Uncharted 4 or something

  • But how would it impact the game series anyway? Wasn’t the coffin in the very first scene of the first game meant to be the same coffin these people are looking for? By addressing the real world discovery, they would simply undo their own continuity.

    • And where did Nate find the coffin? Off the coast of Panama. Where they were subsequently attacked by pirates which resulted in the boat that Nate and Elena (which the coffin was resting on) being sunk.

      So, Pat Croce can find Francis Drake’s coffin all he wants. We all know Nate already beat him to it and took the important, and the only, thing that was inside it.

      • Doesn’t it all fall apart if they find the coffin and it has Drake’s body in it? How is Nathan supposed to have come up with a 400 year old corpse that could pass as Drake and have put it in the coffin while being shot at by pirates?


      That is correct, but I think the sub title of the latest game is specifically relating to Francis Drakes’ deception, rather than the back story of Nathan.

      • I wasn’t making a statement about the games themselves but the first line of this article.

        “Uncharted stars John Nathan Drake, a descendent of famed explorer Sir Francis Drake”

        Just Brian not squat all of what he is talking about. AGAIN.

      • I thought so too, but that accusation / revelation that Nathan Drake is not who he says he is was a great plot twist unexplored IMO.

          • I really want an uncharted 4, like, really seriously never want the series to end I LOVE IT! – …ahem – BUT the only thing that bothered me about uncharted 3 were the bits of unanswered/unexplained plot here and there. I really wanted to know what Marlowe meant when she accused Drake of not being who is says he is. And I mean, how come Talbot was able to avoid death several times? That was never explained. Charlie shot him in the head, didn’t he? What happened to Charlie and Chloe after they left? And what the hell was with that tarot card in Charlie’s pocket after he jumped off the tower? That was CREEPY – I literally gasped when they pulled it out and couldn’t wait for them to explore what it meant… but then, it never happened, among other things.

            And also… that scene with drake in the desert… that was unrealistic even for drake! I loved how he as stumbling around and losing the plot, but then he just starts climbing buildings and fighting bad guys like he’s fine after wandering the desert for 3 days. I felt like that part could have been a little better to be honest. I was screaming at the TV for drake to pick up one of the canteens of water the bad guys had on them, lol.

    • The Yeti creatures where not what they appeared to be (trying to be spoiler free), the first encounter FREAKED me out!

  • The expedition is actually being ‘led’ by James Sinclair, a Marine Archaeologist and professional maritime treasure hunter of considerable reputation.

    Pat Croce is just the money man and nothing more. The international press reporting on the discovery aren’t even mentioing Croce, only Sinclair.

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