Witness The Intense PVP Combat Of The Old Republic's Voidstar Warzone

It's Republic versus Empire, good versus not-so-good, and most importantly, player versus player onboard the legendary prototype Imperial ship, Voidstar. Sabres up, everyone!

This is what happens when two sides clash in BioWare's Star Wars: The Old Republic. The Imperial players want the information located in the data core at the heart of the Voidstar, and the Republic players want to keep them from getting there.

At least that's how it works in the first round. The Voidstar Warzone has both sides alternating between rounds, so the next time through the Republic wants the data, and the Empire must defend it. Eventually someone must win and access the data, but it doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things, because this is an MMO. It's not like the Republic will gain access to new technology if they win; it's just a place to kill other players with a purpose, and I'm OK with that.


    I'm feeling less and less inclined to get this each time I see these videos. They keep skipping actual gameplay. I mean, you can make wow look like a thrilling action MMO if you do what they're doing here (removing the UI, quick cuts).

    My experience with MMO's in the past have been if they rely on cinematics and cut "gameplay" footage, they're trying to hide the fact that the game is lacking.

    It'll be interesting how the staggered release goes where if it is bad, impulse buying will be reduced

      I'd like to just pipe up and say that I was EXTREMELY skeptical of The Old Republic and had the same misgivings as you do.
      I saw alot of what Bioware was doing as a lack of confidence in their product, however I recently had the privilege of being apart of one of the Beta tests, and while I can tell you immediately the game isn't a revolution to the genre, it IS exceedingly fresh.

      I'm an avid MMO player, and I've spent years upon years on games like WoW, EVE, Aion, Rift ect ect. I can tell you without ANY hesitation, that the beta test of ToR I participated in was more fun than my entire MMO experience combined. The game is crisp, responsive and most importantly FUN.

      My biggest issue with MMO's is that, in almost EVERY one, you are playing with the single purpose of hitting Level cap, every hour you spend playing is to hear that ever distant "Ding" of leveling up. ToR is the first MMO I've played that I have actually just enjoyed PLAYING. I could have stayed lvl ten and had a good time.

      So, from an ex-skeptic to you, I say, don't pass judgement on it until you've played it...I assure you, you wont be dissapointed :P

        Very encouraging Inquisitor. Thanks for the reply.

        Why should they show the UI and gameplay? It is just a trailer, and there have been a number of gameplay vids already. It is wellknown that the gameplay is quite similar to WoW.

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