World Of Warcraft Subscriptions Down 10%

World of Warcraft may never truly die. People still play the first Everquest, after all. But it will inevitably lose its place as the biggest MMO on Earth, and that day is now a little closer following the release of the game's latest set of subscription numbers.

Since May, the number of people playing World of Warcraft slipped from 11.4 million to 10.3 million. That's still a massive number, but it's also a 10% drop. Why the slide? Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime says it was mostly due to a drop-off in the game's "Eastern" markets.

I can't wait for the game's proper decline. Not because I hate World of Warcraft. It's just that the game has dominated the genre for so long it'll be nice to see something else take its place, you know? A little fresh air never hurt anybody.

Then again, there may never be a game to take its place, to be as dominant in the field as WoW has been. There's only ever been one Beatles, and they may only ever be one World of Warcraft.

Activision Blizzard loses 1.1 million WoW players, triples profits [Massively]


    I'm waiting for the successor myself. I thought it would be WaR, but that sucked.

    I can't wait for Star Wars: The Old Republic.

    Also I hope they soon announce a western release for Dragon Ball Online.
    And I hope we'll soon see more details emerge about the Doctor Who: Worlds in Time MMo.

    Didn't they just make this free to play to try and suck a bit more life out of it? In the case the decrease in paying suckers.. I mean members would be even more dramatic

      It's not free to play. Not really. You're free to play until level 20, but you can't do a lot of things, eg you can't access the auction house, can't start a group and are barred from the chat channels. Effectively it's their old 14 day trial, but with a level cap and no time limit. Completely different from the other MMOs that have gone free to play.

      WoW is still raking in millions of dollars in subscriptions. It'd be impossible to convince shareholders in Actiblizzion that completely killing off that revenue stream is a good idea. The game will go free to play (or freemium as they call it now) eventually, but I can't see it happening until at least after their next MMO is out.

    They say alot of ot was from China (the sub lose) makes me wonder if it also had any coincidence to do with MoP and how alot of them felt about that

    Eh, I think Blizzard will on-up themselves when they release "Worlds of Starcraft"

    And not a single fug was given that day.

    I resubbed with the 12 month thing, largely due to the fact that the Aussie Dollar is above parity with the US its only going to cost around $120 for the whole 12 months; with the fact that I play it with my cousins for 2 or 3 months over summer ( which would be $30 or $45US at any rate) and getting Diablo 3 which will probably be $100AUD at release I think i've probably saved money.

    How much I acutally play after mid-january is debatable. But I think for Aussies its a pretty good deal.

      Huh, 120 bucks for 12 months, damn wish I was paying that. Cheapest Blizzard offer is what 80 bucks for a 6 month sub at a time?

    Maybe because they introduced frickin PANDAS!

    If I had a decent computer I'd play the game.

      You don't want to.

      The game is heavily balanced in favour of gear over skill and has been for 3 expansions now.

      I was under the impression that one of the reasons it's popular is that you don't need a "decent" computer, it'll run on a cardboard box with a computer screen drawn on with a marker...

      (Never played it myself, watched a raid being done a couple of times and wanted to hang myself with my own shoelaces)

        A marker??? Lad you're going high tech there... a crayon will suffice!!!

    anything beyond Warcraft 2 is dead to me... DEAD-TO-ME...
    on the other hand, Warcraft 2 rocks

      Warcraft 3 was good! But I have no idea why the series went from awesome pirates with naval battles and oil rigs, to medieval again all of a sudden... Warcraft 2 was just sooo much cooler than the stock standard setting of WC3.


    I hadnt played for a good couple of years, so I resigned up earlier this year.
    Although Blizz were saying 10 million(?) players most of the time I felt like I was the only one in the server.
    So I re-cancelled again a couple of weeks later.

    The problem with wow at the moment is that it doesn't know weather it should be catering to hardcore or casual players. Burning Crusade struck the perfect balance, with a progression of difficulty that required players to improve in order to advance, and the boss encounters weren't as cheap as they were before the expansion.

    Wrath of the lich king was the beginning of the push towards casual players that would eventually ruin too much of the games progression. Even total idiots could get great equipment by just playing easy content repetitively rather than through organized raiding. Despite Cataclysm's attempt to Correct this balance, too many aspects that ruined the game where still present despite the drastic changes the last expansion brought in.

    My guess is that WoW will be dominant until "Titan" is released.

    I have to admit, as much as I hate the game with every fibre of my being (having it suck a year out of my life), it is a very good game. The next Blizzard incarnation of MMORG will be EPIC...

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