XCOM Delayed Past March 2012

XCOM Delayed Past March 2012

Kotaku US is reporting that XCOM, which is being developed by 2K Marin, with part of the team based in Canberra, has been delayed past its initial released date of March 2012 into the next financial year.

The specific dates are vague, with no more details being given, but this essentially means that the game will come out anytime between April 2012 and March 2013.

Earlier reports from insiders stated that 2K Marin in Canberra had made up to 15 of its staff redundant. Some reports coming out of the studio have stated that the game is currently going through a difficult period of development.

We contacted 2K locally to ask about the situation, only to be told that 2K doesn’t comment on rumours.

XCOM Delayed Past March 2012 [Kotaku US]


  • Cant wait! Though with all the other big realeases early next year, it’ll be good for the game. There’s much potential here.

  • The American financial year runs to the end of September, so it will come out past October. Regardless, this sounds like bad news for 2k Marin.

  • Hopefully it gets delayed indefinately…

    No one asked for another god damned FPS game.. particularly when using the X-cOM license..

    FOR SHAME 2K.. hopefully this insult to the franchise becomes vapourware.

      • Go back to COD Tom… take that 12yo attitude and reasoning with you as well.

        For those who want a tactical/strategy game this just a disappointment.
        Calling it by any other name is fine.. no need to drag the name one of the greatest games made through the mud.

        For those who are unaware this was in development for years prior to it’s association with X-COM… it was never intended to be an X-COM game from the get go…

        Once again… SHAME 2K. SHAME.

        • The push-back of the release date is not a good sign of development. Something tells me they might be either, scuttling the ship, so cut losses and hastily put the last pieces together to try and make a slightly marketable game, or they’re seriously rethinking at least some parts of the game, and need time to try and make it a success.

          To Duder, you ask why they’ve changed a ton of stuff in the new one?

          The concept that you wanted was game that built on the original. The problem is that, companies like taking risks,, especially these days where creating a popular new idea or a new popular mechanic could potentially skyrocket, so this risk-rewards scenario. They’re trying to make their own brand using the same world. The blurring of game genres and the increase in ‘hybrid’ games, makes this not particularly unexpected. Turn-based is starting to become more of an oddity, especially n a gaming market demanding increasingly fluid style of interaction.

          It may not be the best idea, nor may it attract any of the old fans, but the company is taking a huge risk in what they’re trying to achieve. At least appreciate that much. I’ve watched the trailer, and I can see what they wanted to try and achieve, the vision was there, but unfortunately there were no visionary implementations to anchor the full scope of what they wanted to do. They wanted immersion within the fight, not from a more objective strategic view.

          This is completely in line with the fallout argument. The original fallouts were in pure honesty, nothing like much like fallout 3. I personally didn’t like the new fallouts much due to the clunkiness of the gunplay, the old oblivious style melee, and just the general emptiness of the place. However, I can appreciate what they wanted to do, and it certainly was immersive. In the same way, X-COM is trying to do the same.

          So chill out a tad, and try and respect the devs for what they’re ‘trying’ to do. It’s almost definitely not going to work out well from what I’ve seen, but hey, who knows?

      • ahhh…. If you’d only seen what I’ve seen… Lets just say you will pee your pants. Then you will have what I have now dubbed, Vapour-WEAR…. See what I’ve done there?!? ¶:Þ

  • I’m not surprised that it’s being delayed. One of the game programmers of 2K visited my school last year for a presentation about the game industry. At the time, the guy said that “XCOM will be released next year” (for this case: 2011). I had a feeling that the game won’t be much of a access nor would it be released anytime soon…….and it turns out I’m right.

  • Can the Media please stop referring to this as XCOM? just call it ACOD (Alien Call of Duty)
    XCOM name should be only used by companies that have the ability to show some originallity. So yeah actually can we all use the term ACOD.

  • I really hope they can nail this one. The concept is so solid. Even the old-school XCOM fans should be able to get into this. It looks better than Syndicate by miles, too.

  • Wow, what’s with everyone’s overly dramatic and negative slander of a game you’ve only seen *trailers* for.

    I’m sure if fallout 3 was shown this early in development you would have also decried it as and “insult to a belovered franchise” and “FCod, becuase its cod with a fallout shelter”.

    Thatt said, I hope they can pull it off.
    But if rumors are true this will be releasing right when news of the next console generation emerges, which mean it won’t get a large publisher push, and might be overlooked

    • Fallout 3 kept the same universe, same guns, same enemies etc…
      There is NOTHING from the original X-COM games in this new iteration…

      Whay cannot people understand that..??

      The Devs say ‘we really loved the oringials..’
      Then why remove EVERY single thing that made those games great?

      Complex Base Management = GONE
      Aliens (Sectoid/Mutons etc) = GONE
      Air Interception = GONE
      Turn Based Mechanics = GONE
      Large Squads = GONE
      Geoscape = GONE

      Do you want me to keep going..??
      What we are essentially getting is a Mass Effect / FPS game…
      Where is the strategy/tactics??
      Do you understand the problem now??

      The Fallout3 – X-COM camparison is not valid here.. Totally different cicrumstances.

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