Yes, I'd Love This $60,000 Flight Simulator, Thanks

You know those insane setups the military uses to train pilots on? They can cost millions, making owning one in your own home a pipe dream. But that doesn't mean you can never own a fancy flight simulator!

You just have to lower your aim a little, and instead of looking at something that costs millions, look at something that costs USD$57,000.

That something is the OVO-4, a home flight simulator capsule that has hydraulic movement, three 24-inch monitors and a full flight control sytem built into the cockpit.

Making it useful for Falcon 3.0, yeah, but also for Battlefield 3.

OVO-4 Home Flight Simulator [Firebox, via technabob]

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    Does having all that in a "cockpit" really make it worth $40+k more than an equivalent setup in regular room?

      I can't imagine the hydraulics are cheap.

        My mistake, I actually missed the hydraulics part.

    I wonder if anyone is lame enough to get one of these to just play arcadish games like Battlefield?

    I'm lucky in that I have access to the Macquarie Uni simulator. But I have to say, damn these things got cheap quick. Five years ago you were looking at a few million for a hydraulic sim.

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