Yes, We're Getting Another Call Of Duty Next Year

It's sort of a no-brainer, what with the rocketing success of the Call of Duty franchise. But Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick confirmed today that not only will 2012 see the release of Diablo III, but also a new Call of Duty game. Is it the game Sledgehammer was said to be working on before getting pulled onto Modern Warfare 3? That we don't know yet, but stay tuned.


    I somehow doubt it, we'll be due for another Treyarch CoD next year and Sledgehammer just wrapped up helping Infinity Ward with MW3.

    Odds are we'll see Sledgehammer's CoD in 2013.

    Now this does deserve a YAWN! The new one has only been out a day!! at 11....

    And this website is broken on my phone. I can't view articles that aren't on the first page and can't view comments


    Please make something other than f'n war sims. Use some creativity for once

      I heard there are also other games coming out next year, hopefully some of them won't be war sims.

    Let's hope it's MW3. MW2.5 they just released is pretty average.

      That reminds me, are Dice planning on making Battlefield 3 anytime soon? Bad Company 3 is kinda meh.

        Wow you're a dumbass

          Oh sorry, I forgot. It's only okay to bag Activision and CoD.

            You're a deadshit. Battlefield 3 is the sequel to Battlefield 2, which came out in 2005 if I recall. Bad Company is a spin off line, making your terribad comment totally irrelevant.

              wow pronefield 3 fanboys are retarded, not to mention easily butthurt. lol.

            This is funny, as soon as someone makes a witty comment relating to a game you like comparing it to a game the bandwagon hates people get a little too defensive.
            Chazz's right, BF3 feels more like Bad Company than Battlefield 2.
            No need to throw names, he wasn't insulting your baby. (The baby that it's parents tried to be a little too much like it's more popular brother.)

            Kids calm down, he's completely right.

          Are you going to make a comment? This pseudo-insult v0.3 you just cranked out was a disappointment.

        Ur obviously a moron.

    I only keep buying them because the player base moves on each time, rendering the older games in the series useless. Since Black Ops came out, MW2 matchmaking hasn't been able to find me a single game to join. It's a real shame.

    You mean we have ANOTHER War game in the works?

    Shut up, surely you can't be serious?

    Please, Activision, the company that coined the phrase "Annualizable franchises" putting out another COD game is just so shocking....

    Seriously no big surprise, hell we've still got that PlayStation Vita Call of Duty coming right? So of course this wasn't a big surprise.


    (hopefully after MW3 people will be bored of it and the next one will be a flop)

      Not likely. Its like FIFA now. People buy the same game every year for minor updates.

      But they are the same crowd. They buy 3 games a year, 2 of them being FIFA and CoD

        Modern Warfare 3 is the 10th game I've purchased this year (not counting the ones that were bundled with the new 360 I bought) and I've never played FIFA. I'll be buying two, maybe three more games before the end of the year. They are are not FIFA either. Or Madden. Or NHL.

        I have already compiled a list of games I am getting next year which already has about eight games on it - and that's just the ones I know are coming out for sure.

        Where is your god now?

          Oh wait, I forgot about the 30+ games that were bundled in the Quakecon pack I bought off of Steam and the Humble Indie Bundles I bought this year. And the XBox Live Arcade games.

          Ok, so I guess it's more like 55 games. 10 of which were full disc-based titles for my 360.

            @ Matthew K
            IFi had a god he sure wouldnt bother with a poxbox or poostation
            he'd use something that DIDNT have five year old technoliogy

        Never purchased a FIFA game in my life (or any yearly sports game for that matter) In fact (not counting indie titles) I've purchased about 30+ games this year.

    CHRIST Activision, give COD a rest for 2 years. If you SKIPPED ONE YEAR, JUST ONE, then you'd find the hype machine would reach breaking point, the anticipation would reach feverpitch, the following year would be anticipated by ALL most likely because we'd actually be HIGHLY INTERESTED. As it stands? Fuck this.

    CoD will never flop. But hey, with the next consoles likely coming out in 2013, IW/SH will have to knuckle down and not make a "next-gen" CoD game with the same copied and pasted code from 2007.

    Fat chance it will happen though.

    If there are 3 studios working on CoD now, perhaps it won't be too bad.
    Each studio released a game every 3 years, perhaps they'll be suitably different.

    I know I found Black Ops to be different to Modern Warfare.
    Perhaps Treyarch continue with their Cold War timeline, Sledgehammer can have World War 2 (or something future based) and Infinity Ward release more Modern Warfare titles.

    The gaming community as a whole turned their back on the Guitar Hero franchise. Why can't they do the same to COD?

    The sheep keep buying the same crap each year, the developers giggle and make the same crap again. You stupid fucking people are ruining the industry, it's fucking bland bland bland out there.

      We should not buy any games, and then developers will go bankrupt and there'll be no games! And then you can calm the fuck down because obviously games piss you off! :D

    It's still not as bad as releasing the same Zelda game over and over for 15 years. Imagine if THAT happened *cough*

      havent like the series since the original ocarina of time but atleast they appear different even if they are generally the same ideas.

    Far out Activision are saturating the modern shooter franchise till it becomes so goddamn dull and boring no one gives two sh*ts anymore.

    MW3 is fun, but seriously as it has similar locations and scenery at times to BF3 and Crysis 2, you really notice how out dated the Game Engine is. They really need to have the next release in a new engine.

    I liked COD4. It was the first FPS game I had played since Doom2, I've played a bunch since. Unfortunately, COD is dead to me now.

    Guitar hero in 3... 2... 1...

    new engine please

    When I went to buy MW3, I got asked if I'd like to put my name down for next years' CoD!

    I got excited for a moment, and even considered buying the game while I was looking at it. Then I remembered what a horrible time I have at fps's and decided to just wait for SPyrim.

    In other news, one day you and everybody that you know is going to die, but before that happens you will all pay taxes.

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