You Can Buy A Life-Size Sith Lord From Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic isn't even out yet, but already the merchandising machine is kicking into high gear. And there's no gear higher than "life-sized replica statue" gear.

Sideshow will be releasing a 1:1 statue of the game's villain, Darth Malgus. That means he's life-sized.

To get an idea of just how big (and slightly terrifying that is), here's what I assume was the prototype, or is at least something very similar, from this year's GamesCom.

No word on cost yet, to either your wallet or your chances with the ladies, but it won't be cheap.


    want, not only because it will scare the shit out of my fiance on a daily basis, but because it is simply awesome.

    Is it just me, or did the prototype look cooler.

    And that '.' is meant to be a '?'

    Clearly not based on the in-game graphics which depict a $10 6 inch plastic figurine

    a life size plagueis or palp would be awsome but i really i would love to get a life size pair of sistros and braata

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