You Can't Play Skyrim's Lutes, But You Can Play A Skyrim... Electric Guitar

It's the game's one true oversight: the fact you can't pick up a lute in Skyrim and jam out a ditty to ladies in towers and monsters slain. Ah well. This'll have to make do.

Etsy craftsman TTguitars is offering Skyrim-themed mandolins (pictured), electric guitars and electric bass — the appeal coming in the base hand-carved to look like the dragon logo from The Elder Scrolls V.

No price is listed, but he makes them to order, so they're not cheap. Especially when you consider the postage alone is over $US100. Still, for any Scandinavians in a metal band (or anyone else in a metal band with a name that sounds like it comes from Scandinavia), it's probably worth a look!

Made To Order - Skyrim The Elder Scrolls- Dragon Mandolin [Etsy, via TDW]


    Dragons and Lutes = win

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