You'd Better Pay Attention To Spec Ops: The Line

Spec Ops: The Line is a little bit Heart of Darkness, a little bit Apocalypse Now and a whole lot of shooter innovation blended into a postmodern game about honour, choices and morality.

Here's a quick look at the game's new trailer and some of its amazing set pieces, all set in Dubai following a city-crushing sandstorm that turns the glimmering oasis into a sandblasted wasteland of survivors.


    Colour me very interested... (I think it's a bluey-green colour)

    so fucking sick of guns and the military. it looked really really good until I scrolled down to the screenshots and it's just pituitary retards pointing their guns framed by their flags.

    yeah - no one is __making__ me play it or watch it, but this really is the lowest common denominator for creativity.

    The title "Spec Ops: The Line" didn't tip you off to a military theme? Don't checkout Battlefield 3; it has almost nothing to do with fields or arthimetic.

    Let's just hope they improved greatly over the beta. Was very disappointed with that. Pretty much went quiet after that launched and ended - I kinda forgot about it and thought recently if it was cancelled.

    I'll probably pick it up for the single player, the concept sounds interesting. But don't know if I would stick with the multiplayer too much - don't see them changing it pretty much entirely or quite drastically to hold my attention or patience.

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