Your First Look At Indiana Jones The Facebook Game

We walked you through how the next Indiana Jones experience won't be a movie, but rather a Facebook game, earlier today. Here's a glimpse of what Zynga's re-tooled Adventure World looks like.

And yes, Indiana Jones Adventure World even has the theme music.


    It's... so... very... green.

    "Zee Goggles! Zey do nuthing!!"

    So much potential with the Indy IP... and we get this before the AAA, Arkham City-like Indy game. :( Or the Mass Effect-style Indy RPG. Or the Fate of Atlantjs sequel. Atleast it looks a little like Indana Jones Desktop Adventures.

    Those environments are such a ripoff from Bastion.

      I thought it was ripped straight from the game; the color palette is exactly the same!

    Damn I first read this as Jones in Fast Lane Facebook game that would have been sweet.

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