Your Stupid Zelda Pick-Up Lines Do Not Impress This Zelda

Robin Williams loves The Legend of Zelda so much that he named his daughter "Zelda". Zelda is a nice name—it's not just a video game character. There have been other Zeldas, Zelda Fitzgerald, for example.

Yet, for our generation, "Zelda" is Zelda. And for Zelda Williams, sometimes that's a blessing and sometimes, it's super annoying—especially those corny pick-up lines. Williams talked with ONM, giving the best (worst?) Zelda lines she's heard, like asking if she's a princess or if they have to come and rescue her.

Others try turning it into innuendo with, sigh, swords.

"The best ones are the ones, too, where they're like, they're trying to do some kind of flirtatious thing, but they're comparing you to Link," Williams said.

"Because they didn't play the games, and they don't realise that Zelda isn't the one in green. And then you kind of have to be the dork then and properly correct them and be like, 'If you are going to use a Zelda pick-up line, please understand which character Zelda is."

Also, please understand that, yes, Zelda Williams has already heard your stupid schtick.

Zelda Williams's worst chat up lines [ONM]


    Hey baby, you're making my sword go skyward.

      Hey princess, do you read Twilight? Because I'd like to time your ocarina with my triforce hyrule zelda bleurrrgh skyrim

    Hey Zelda, wanna play with my Wind Waker?

    Hey Zelda, show me golden triangle and I'll show you my tri-force of power!

      You have three dicks?

        I belive its two in the pink, one in the stink...

    Hey Zelda, you seem like a lovely individual, and I wish you all the best in the world...Phantom Hourglass.

    There once was a Williams named Zelda,
    Like an orcarina, wish I'd blown and felt her,
    Sheathe that Master Sword phallas!
    She's Frigid as the Ice Palace!
    I still feel a Tingle just having beheld her!

    My partner won't let me name our future daughter Zelda. This does not make me happy.

      Come up with a bunch of worse names so Zelda sounds like a good options, names like Grelkin and Latrine.

    Oh man, I'd explore her dungeon any day.

    I dunno, has anyone given her the one about the boomerang?

    She really is very pretty and from the TV ads seems to be a really cool young woman. I would like to meet her and see if we hit it off.


    I'd sure love to link up my Rod of Seasons to her Harp of Ages.

    If you know what I mean.

    she can try my force any day

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