1.8 Million Square Enix Accounts Were Hacked

Square Enix stated yesterday that somebody "may have gained unauthorised access to a particular Square Enix server" and took its members service offline in both Japan and the U.S. Today, the company clarified that 1.8 million customer's accounts had been affected.

The breach hit one million Japanese members and 800,000 U.S. ones. The hack impacted customer names and phone numbers. The server in question stores no credit card info, so, according to Square Enix, "there is no possibility of any credit card information leak."

"We are yet to learn whether illegal access was gained to our clients' information," said a Square Enix spokesperson. "But we have asked our customers to be aware of the incident in case they receive suspicious messages using our name."

Hackers breach servers of Japan's Square Enix [France24]


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