2011 Gamers Played Modern Warfare 3 The Most, Skyrim The Longest

Video game social network and stat tracking service Raptr has announced the winners of its 2011 Most Played Games awards, and while overall gamers spent more time playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 than any other 2011 title, it's The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that walked home with the Most Played Game of 2011 award. How's that work?

Raptr's Most Played awards aren't just about how many hours the gaming community as a whole spent playing any one video game. They're about how long each individual player was engaged by each particular interactive entertainment experience. So while millions of Modern Warfare 3 players racked up enough playtime to eclipse Bethesda's latest by a full nine per cent, in terms of hours spent per person and average session length, Skyrim was the clear winner.

As the chart below clearly indicates, the average player pumped a little over 20 hours into Modern Warfare 3 during its first full month of release, while role-players exploring the province of Skyrim players spent nearly a full day doing so on average. The Elder Scrolls also top Modern Warfare 3 in terms of average session length by around 45 minutes.

Mind you Raptr's methodology involves only the first month of each title's release for total time played and total time per player, measuring only the first week for average play session time. It's likely that long after Skyrim players move onto greener pastures MW3 players will still be logging in for a couple of hours a day to sharpen their skills.

Having won the overall category, Skyrim also topped the role-playing charts, trouncing its closest competitor, Dragon Age 2, in terms of both total time played and average time per player. Modern Warfare 3 topped the shooter list this year, showing up both Gears of War 3 and the core competition, Battlefield 3.

The rest of this year's winners are as follows:

The Most Played Open-World Game of 2011: Batman: Arkham Asylum The Most Played Sports Game of 2011: FIFA Soccer 12 The Most Played Social Game of 2011: The Sims Social The Most Played New IP of 2011: LA Noire The Most Successful Paid-to-F2P Game of 2011: DC Universe Online

Hit up the link below to see how your favourite games of 2011 stacked up. You might be surprised.

Raptr's Most Played Games of 2011 [Raptr]


    Open World...Arkham Asylum? NOICE.

      I'd like to know their definition of "open world". So Skyrim isn't open world enough for them?

      And yeah, Asylum...

        If you bothered to investigate and follow the link to the article you would have seen that Arkham City was chosen as winner.
        Posted 6:20AM Today | Mike Fahey. Morning dedication to games can result in Freudian slip of the mind grapes.

          If you bothered to read the original comment, he was referencing the fact that apparently Raptr don't consider Skyrim to be "Open World", hence their lack of inclusion in the category. This despite the fact that the majority of players will probably spend at least 10x the time exploring Skyrim as they will exploring Arkham City.

          Either that, or they felt one game taking too many awards would just be unfair, so went for some variety

        Son, it's time you learnt the story about how awards are rigged.

        Once a upon time, awards were rigged by publishers.

        The end.

    Umm how about those who dont have internet?

      And how are you posting this?

        No, what about the people that played these games without being online.

      I don't understand.

    lol it's been a month since I last played MW3. I've only put about 3 hours into multiplayer.

      dido lol but 39 in bf3 and 29 into skyrim

    I award Real Life as the winner of Most Played Open World Game

      There's some sort of lag problem though. I go to work each day and work really hard, getting hit markers all the way, and still I don't have much money. I don't get it.

    In fairness, if you were playing Skyrim on the PS3 you probably spent most of that time starting new games from scratch as your old ones encountered glitches of death...

      If you buy any BethSoft game on a platform other than PC, your console should scream out at max volume "You're too retarded to own this", and subsequently explode.

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