2019’s Consoles Will Be As Fast As Today’s Supercomputers, Says Nvidia

You've heard of flops, a.k.a floating point operations per second, before in video game circles. Who can forget the riveting moment in former Sony exec Ken Kutaragi's 2005 E3 PS3 presentation when he talked about how many gigaflops the system's processors would be capable of? Boring tech presentations aside, flops are great indicators of computing power. Today's consoles sit in the gigaflop range but, according to Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, they'll get exponentially more powerful in less than a decade.

PCWorld has the exec saying speeds of 41.5 teraflops will be attainable by 2019. Today, it takes a specially built, energy-intensive supercomputer to achieve that but these proposed future machines will run off standard 100-watt power grid. What does that mean in terms of performance? Well, real-time graphics in future consoles will look as good as the best pre-rendered cutscenes in today's games. And that's just for starters. So, 2019 can't get here soon enough.

Nvidia: Gaming Systems to Reach 'Tens of Teraflops' by 2019 [PC World]


    If so how come 2012 consoles are only as fast as mediocre 2006 PCs?

      Because Nintendo main aim isn't to have the most powerful console on sale.
      As for the next Xbox, it should be at least as fast as today's mid range PCs

    This is rather believable when you see how far computers have come in the last 5 years. Bring on the future!

      Um... misguided much? I'll put you to a challenge that you'll never complete: build a PC with the same on-paper specifications as a PS3 or a 360 and try to get anywhere near the gaming performance of the consoles. Run Crysis 2 on a six year old PC, I dare you.

      A console's specifications aren't even vaguely compatible with a PC's. People either don't understand this, or choose not to for some kind of fanboy bragging rights... PC's need several times the processing grunt to achieve the same results as a console. They need several times MORE to surpass it. Which is why on paper PC's now are literally ten times more powerful than consoles, yet unless the game has been tailored to PC hardware from the ground up (which rarely happens in big budget games any more) the only tangible differences in graphics are resolution, frame rate and anti aliasing. All pretty peripheral when you can run it pretty happily on, yes, a six year old console for a lot less money.

        bahaha wth are you wack?
        computer hardware has went up ALOT in the last 5 years, as it allways has, you even point this out,
        its publishers raeping developers into making horribly ported games, so while hardware is on the up and up, development on the pc is going down (because it doesnt matter when we've got so much more hardware to throw at it, they can pretty much make it run 4x slower than it should and we will still be fine)
        attacking someone when you're buttfrustrated, that's a paddlin

        Obviously advances in computing means more powerful consoles?
        What does comparing a console and PC have to do with anything?

        Of course a console will never be released with similar specs to a high end PC of the same time, due to cost.

    Comparing supercomputers - which often have specialised hardware, occupy whole offices and are distributed and maintained by specialised Linux middleware - to consoles?

    Next they will be comparing jets to bicycles.

    nVidia has also missed a important point. You do not need top of the line hardware for good games. You need good design and design is both king and independent of platform (if it stinks on a PC, it will stink on a console and vice versa).

    Also, I do wish people keep saying that console hardware is dated. Yes, it is dated now - but when consoles come out they are fairly current. PS3 was even ahead of its time - not that it is whole a good thing, I see it as backfiring as most developers do have knowledge of distributed computing.

    The only exception is the Wii - but everyone knows that Nintendo always use old hardware to keep the price down while Sony and Microsoft go more current so they can push the HD media experience.

      Sorry: most developers do *not* have knowledge of distributed computing.

        I just love how all super computers run on Linux Middleware these days. What happened to AIX, HPUX and the other UNIX-es?

        That aside nvidia isn't far off at all currently a $350AU Graphics Card will do 2.7 TFLOPS. Coupled with nvidia's push for a GP-GPU market, it kinda looks more like slick marketing. Using FLOPS to point out the power of a gaming console is kinda pointless IMO. You'd be better of looking at the throughput of polygons since they have much more relevance to system focused on rendering performance.

    I hope graphics processing eventually gets to the stage where things can't actually get any more visually appealing, so that I can buy one PC that will last forever.

    They would just need to replace silicon dies within 7 years then.

    Kinda like how today's wristwatch is more powerful than a 1980's supercomputer..pfffft

    Perhaps by 2019 consoles can actually start outputting in 1080p. PS3 is great and all, but it suffers some pretty shocking aliasing problems, pop up, loading times and the norm is to output at sub 720p resolutions scaled to 1080p.

    I just want a PC that will run a high end game and have no loading screens, and will start and finish the game for me within a few milliseconds.

    then i will have a beer.

      skyrim on my pc has loading screens of about half a second. sucks because i never have time to look at the pretty 3d models and read the caption..

        Mine too and I play on a mediocre laptop.

    Pfffft. Yeah right.
    The faster they make machines the more winblows (and other overheads) will expand to hog the system.

    I mean where the fuck is my flying car? They said we'd have flying cars by now too!
    It's all too easy to make bold sweeping statesments about the future that you will never have to defend but in the end, 'till they actually have the shizzle on the shelves and it does what they claim then this is all just spin (read:bullshit) .

    Realtime water and Realtime destruction, I CANNOT WAIT!
    but seriously, bring out new consoles already, I want new good graphics pc games D:

    It's called Moore's Law, and it states the number of transistors that can be cheaply placed on an integrated circuit doubles about once every 2 years. So no, it comes as no surprise that in 8 years time they will have roughly 8x the processing power we have now

      Sorry, forgot to mention that doesn't include any sudden leaps forward in circuitry technology that we may encounter eg crystal-silicon circuits or anything like that

        Someone who knows what they are talking about!! Thank god!

    nothing suprising here, i mean today you can find more power in a smart phone than what sent a rocket to the moon back in the day. Although computing power may become as fast as super computers today, it doesnt guarantee the quality of games to remain consistent and developers to make good use of it. I really dont want to see the market flooded with Modern FPS in 8 years time still. Give me a Vietnam shooter already

      hell yeah to a decent vietnam shooter, anyone thing there should have been a vietcong 3 this year?

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