3DS Outsells DS’s Year One Sales In 8 Months

3DS Outsells DS’s Year One Sales In 8 Months

The Nintendo 3DS has sold more units in its first eight months than the original DS did in its first year, according to Nintendo of America president, Reggie Fils-Aimes.

In an interview with Time, Fils-Aimes said that this past Saturday saw the 3DS surpass the sales of the first 12 months of the DS.

“The original DS sold 2.37 million and we just surpassed that this past Saturday, so we’ve got real good momentum going into the holidays,” he said.

How many of you have a 3DS and, more importantly, how many of you play with it on a regular basis? Let us know!



    • Notice in the upper heft hand corner of the bottom screen there is a sun icon then 2 icons: 1 is a single box and the other is 4 boxes. Those buttons increase and decrease the amount of rows your icons have respectively.

      • Sorry I just realised I got the order around wrong, it should be:

        1 box: Decreases the amount of rows your icons have.

        4 boxes: Increases the amount of rows your icons have.

        There is a limit to how many rows you can have, I think its about 5-6 rows. . .

      • I don’t know how hard people close them but I got mine on release and I don’t have a single scratch on the screen. People saying otherwise are either to rough or just looking for something to complain about.

      • Otherwise just grab a couple of screen protectors and instead of it scratching your screen it’ll only leave light marks on the protectors. I don’t think they’re even scratches though, I find that a bit of wiping away for a little while gets rid of the marks left by the bottom screen’s border

        • Yeah they seem to be nothing more than smudge marks, a tiny bit of elbow “grease” gets them off rather effortlessly 😉

    • Though, I think it was stated that the 3DS costs $20 more now than the DS was at launch, so still more expensive.

      If I have that fact right, then there goes your argument. If not, I’m sorry.

  • It’s interesting to look at the Activity Log, the first two months I had a high playing time thanks to Ocarina of Time, then it dipped exponentially there after. Mario 3D Land should bring the playing time up this month and the next though.

  • Barely played mine at all, although that’s likely to change now that there’s a Mario Kart game to keep me occupied.

    Didn’t the original DS have a bit of a lacklustre start while people waited for games to be released? Sure, that’s an issue for the 3DS as well, but less so when there are millions of people willing to buy it off of the strength of the DS.

  • I play mine a little, but I still get more mileage out of my PSP.

    You’ve got to remember though, this is at an uber discounted price, $100 less than it’s original release cost. With retailers, it’s something like $140 because of discounts. And with most companies selling at a loss with their first wave of consoles, it makes you wonder just how much money Nintendo has lost with the 3DS.

    • I got a 3DS at launch, and have almost traded it in several times since I got it, but the only thing that stopped me was because it’s a US 3DS – no one will accept it as a trade in. (No, I didn’t impot it either – picked it up when I was in Japan earlier this year)

      I’ve since been glad I haven’t traded it. Even though it gets a lot more love with Pokemon Black, Heartgold, DQIX, etc. Super Mario 3D and Mario Kart 7 are big draw cards. That and MGS3D when it finally comes out. Also, the 10 free ambassador NES games and forthcoming (hurry up already!) free GBA games will make it worthwhile again.

      It’s easy to get disgruntled and hopeless on the 3DS when the first 4-5 months of it’s life felt like such a screw up on Nintendo’s part. I stress again, I’m not innocent either, I would have traded it if I could.

      Now? I’m happy I have one. Between the 3DS, my PSP and my Android tablet, my console and PC usage is at an all time low.

      • Whoever the lucky champ who buy my preowned 3DS will get the 10 free ambassador NES & GBA games.

        I really did try not to trade it in despite giving it a lot of love. Took it with me to work on a daily basis just to get some game time on it but even that wasn’t enough to make me keep it.

        I was mostly looking forward to Kid Icarus but after Nintendo announced they were going to push this title back till next year, I was angry & disappointed. Now I’m not saying there aren’t any other good games out there like OoT, Starfox, Super Mario 3D and Mario Kart (just to name a few) but I was getting sick of rehash & remakes.

        Overall, I just felt I wasn’t getting what I wanted from my $350 bucks. Seeing the price go down & a new thumbstick attachment points a new 3DS revision and when the time comes with the games I want to play, I will be more likely to pickup the ‘new’ 3DS.

  • Play mine all the time. Purchased Zelda OoT, Link’s Awakening, Mario 3D Land, plus some casual mobile games from DSiWare (Plants vs Zombies, Airport Mania) and along with the ambassador games I’ve got heaps to do with it. Can’t wait for Mario art too. I’ll probably pick up a Vita at launch (despite being pissed off by the price of the memory cards) but I couldn’t be happier with my 3DS. I think Nintendo are trying pretty hard at the moment, so let’s pretend we’re still angry with them, and they’ll keep releasing top games 🙂

  • I do have one, but I only just turned it on after a solid 2 months of it doing nothing but charging on my bedside table. Thankfully, Super Mario 3D Land Mario Kart 7 have ended the drought.

    Still waitting on my GBA games too!

  • I know it’s impossible to track, but I’d be curious to see how many of those purchases were direct upgrades from current DS users, and how many were “new users”. THAT would be more telling.

  • Wonder how the thing is doing compared to the first 12 months of the DS Lite’s release. As I recall that was when the DS, as a brand really came into its own as the frightening money-spinner it ended up being.

    Still waiting for the dual thumbstick’d hardware revision, though that 25th Anniversary Zelda console is damn pretty and super tempting.

  • The ds phat was a horrible product that hardly anyone bought and it was before nintendo had mainstream appeal, how is the 3ds just beating that news?

  • People don’t seem to remember the DS release. Everyone bitching about how it was expensive, gimmicky and just sat around collecting dust. People saying it was doomed to fail, people resurrecting the N64 DOOM DOOOOOOM speeches that were never, ever even close to true.

    The DS sold not so well at the beginning, but once they hit their stride, Nintendo had to build new Scrooge McDuck money bins weekly. The 3DS will be no different. Once the software library picks up (as it is starting to), there’ll be no stopping it.

  • Played mine for a bit when I first got it but lately haven’t touched it. Was waiting for more games. Planning on getting Mario Kart 7 and Mario Land 3D, so will be playing it for a while.

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