3G PlayStation Vita Delayed In Canada

The 3G edition of the PlayStation Vita will be delayed in Canada "due to extensive planning and testing with their 3G partner".

Customers have begun receiving emails informing them of the delay, while EB Games sources have confirmed the hold-up with Kotaku, saying that internal systems now have the handheld releasing in April instead of the planned February (though they also note these could simply be placeholder dates).

No further information was provided to customers or EB Games employees as to the reasons behind the delay, though there's speculation it's due to difficulties in reaching a reasonable pricing agreement with 3G network providers.

We've contacted Sony for their word on the matter, and will update if we hear back.


    the 3ds has better graphics than the psvita ............vita has psone graphics ...see............. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Qz5yhNAZps

    I don't think this really concerns us now does it?

    Rogers (?) have an exclusive deal like ATT in the US.

    We get to choose our ISP?

      Apparently not.

        Well, if you're willing to give up a free copy of Wipeout, you can choose your carrier. Depending on the commitment necessary to use the included Vodafone SIM, that might be a decent trade.

        isn't locked too 1 service? 2nd paragraph...

    Unless you're living in the dark ages (so presumably you wouldn't be buying a PSP) what is the reason for a 3G version these days anyway? iPhone 4 (and up) tonnes of Androids and plenty of other mobile phones have hotspot capabilities, so just share the connection from your phone and save yourself some money and buy the wi-fi only version. If any files are too big to dl, just dl them on your home wi-fi.

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