42 Ways To Kill A Man (in Saints Row 3)

By allowing you to kill with anything from jet bikes to something called an "ethical dance party", this video shows us how creative you can get in Saints Row 3.

Honestly, I think more games need clown cars with roof-mounted canons. How else will I shoot people at other people?


    ohhh mannnnnn - i was so not ready for #42 bahaahaha

    now that is funny. the way you can execute brutes is always a laugh, grenade down the mouth always a treat

    Oh god... 42 reminds me of a time when I.... and she.... and then I..... and we...... with a bucket of herring...... oh god bad memories....

    I've been looking for a video where someone gets body slammed off the edge of a building, still can't find any D:

    and to think how many other good ones they missed;
    - throwing someone in the air and setting fire to them on the way down
    - jumping out of a helicopter and racing your co-pilot to the ground
    - toilet seat flying through the front of your windscreen
    - nitro-boosted cement truck (almost anything that isn't a tank explodes on impact!.. except fuel tanks obviously)
    - rocket launcher crotch bludgeon
    - VTOL pancake

    ...okay and people say Skyrim offers too much creativity... :p

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