Playing Video Games Can Actually Help Children With 'Lazy Eye'

I need glasses. My eyesight is rubbish — most people in my life tend to blame the copious amount of time spent inches away from some form of screen for that. But now science is informing us that games may be helping people with eyesight issues.

According to a study from the School of Optometry and the Helen Willis Neuroscience Institute at the University of California, Berkley, children with Amblyopia — more commonly known as 'lazy eye' — saw improvements after 40 hours of gaming. Apparently their ability to perceive depth was improved in that time period.

"This study is the first to show that video game play is useful for improving blurred vision in adults with amblyopia," said Dr. Roger Li, research optometrist involved in the study. "I was very surprised by this finding; I didn't expect to see this type of improvement."

Before these findings, there was little in the way of accepted treatments for those with amblyopia above a certain age.

"These new findings are very encouraging because there are currently no accepted treatments for adults with amblyopia," claimed Dr. Dennis Levi. "A lot of eye doctors start closing the books on successful treatment after age 8 or so because of the widespread belief that amblyopia can only be reversed during a critical window of development in the visual cortex. If the disorder is not corrected in childhood, the damage was thought to be irreversible."

Usually treatment for amblyopia involves patches and dull repetitive tasks. The researchers involved in this study are hoping the fact that games may be involved in future treatments may help children stick to regimes more easily.

"Playing a video game is a lot more fun than just wearing a patch, so the hope is that compliance is likely to be higher among kids," said Levi. "Wearing a patch can be socially awkward for some kids, so our hope is to see faster improvement by having them do an intensive task like playing a video game."

FWD News: Lazy Eye can Improve With Gaming [gamefwd]


    Oh, so that's why it's been ages since I last ran into something...

    "Most people blame in my life tend to blame the copious amount " nice English dipshite. This site BADY needs staff who can communicate in English fluently. of a fucking editor.

      i'm trying to work out whether or not this is a joke post, or not.
      I mean, it makes no sense what-so-ever and has so many typos... lol

        I use the mobile site, and your avatar is quite small. It looks like a holly wreath with red berries. How festive!


        @Beb I think you meant "BADLY" not "BADY".

      Well then, what should it be?

        Delete the first 'blame'.
        Too much blaming ppl going on here. See what I did there!

      AHAHAHA, I LOVE how you made that typo. I guess it's harder then you thought?

      @beb, take it easy buddy. This is like three pots calling a single kettle black. Please proofread your venom before you send it out into the world.

      Fail. Nice way to spell "BADLY".

    I wish this had came out about 12 years ago, I have amblyopia and would have much MUCH preferred games to wearing a goddam eyepatch

    Yeah, I'm calling bullshite.

    I've got bad eyesight, including a lazy eye, and I'd say staring at computer games all my life has exaserbated it.

      I think your suppose to wear an eye patch over your good/bad (not sure which one) eye while you play. I hope that helps!

    Fun fact: When I was 10 I got Pokemon Blue and a Gameboy pocket. And let me assure you, I played the everloving SHIT out of that game. I remember there'd be times when my vision would conk out and my eyes would go blurry, but I new tje map layouts so well I could keep playing from memory until it came back. I later got Pokemon Silver, same story.

    When I was 12 I went to an optometrist for the first time and it was found out that I had attained an Esophoria in my left eye (i.e. it would often swing inwards, causing me to look pretty derpy). While I understand staring 10cm away from an old unbacklit Gameboy Pocket for hours on end is a far cry from modern gaming, and that amblyopia =/= esophoria, I gotta say that at least in my experience, gaming is more likely to cause vision problems.

    Not that it turns me off it, of course. :p

    I've had a headache I can't shake since playing Assassin's Creed: Revelations. What's that about? :P

      Your brain is ashamed that you would play such a terrible game. :P

      Still trying to wrap your head around the fact that the writers have come down with a case of the "Lost" syndrome?

        Sadly, this is true. I hope that's not the cause of the headache though...

    I had lazy eye when I was a kid, sadly it spread to the rest of my body.
    old joke is old :P:

    But, I did have lazy eye and I was told to do this boring exercise where I had a ruler thing and I'd place it between my eyes and then focus on different numbers at different lengths away from my eyes.

    Did it once, never again... played the computer A LOT.. the eye doctor said "I see you have been doing your exercises" and he gave me a lollipop.

    /pimp face

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