4GB Xbox 360 Slim, $149 At JB Hi-Fi

No doubt there are plenty of deals going around, considering it's Boxing Day. But, if you still haven't picked up an Xbox 360, or are in the market for a Slim, then this $149 4GB model from JB might tickle your fancy.

According to the product page, delivery is free to any location in Australia. It only has 4GB of storage, but you can always pick up a bigger hard drive. JB are also offer two games for $40 on a selected range, which you can view here. Some of the titles include Assassin's Creed, Vanquish, Darksiders, Enslaved and Dragon Age: Origins.

Rumour has it that Harvey Norman are offering the same machine at $148, so you can potentially head there if you're really attached to that extra dollar.

If you've noticed any other good deals, let us and your compatriots know!

Xbox 360 S 4gb Console (Matte Black) [JB Hi-Fi, via OzBargins]


    Not too shabby, though the price basically doubles if you buy a 250gb hd with it -- but even so, very awesome deal.

      to be fair, you can just stick a few memory sticks into it to use as additional memory anyway. Not like anyone needs 250gig.

        That's true, picked one up an hour ago.

        So much quieter than the previous model, feels good to get a new Xbox because you WANT one, rather than a response to a system failure. ;)

        Also, everyone has like 150meg or something for cloud saves?

    It's totally worth it, I'm picking mine up tomorrow, then buying a 250gb hd online for much less than what they cost in store.

    Yeah, I was just about to jump on this but then I remembered that you have to pay for online every year so I dunno...


      $50 a year for an online service that isn't hacked to oblivion? I'm happy with it.

        "that isn't hacked to oblivion"

        Wow, Microsoft you Certainly know how to attract ignorant consumers.

          "Hacked into oblivion" although a tad ridiculous is far less ignorant than anyone who still trusts Sony with any personal information.

            Yes because everyone actually inputs real personal information when prompted to like good lil' kiddies.

              In no way did I say or even imply that everyone who uses the PSN uses accurate information when signing up. So that begs the question; what is your point?

            I didn't even think of Sony when I read that, my mind went straight to all the people on Nintendo's online games using hacks to give themselves invincibility and other stupid stuff.

              to weigh in on this pointless debate. sure Sony if a free service but you get what you dont pay for. more lag and worse lobby selection. xbox you get much better connections and less likely to be put with those awful people known as "Americans". id say the 50 a year is actually worth it.

              BTW own both but mostly use my PC rig.

            PSN's only had the one major incident, and you're correct, "hacked to oblivion" is way too far.

            If you want hacked to oblivion, play in Nintendo's WFC. If you think Xbox Live is more secure than PSN you have a lot of research to do, however. Hacks and mods aren't very hard to find in most shooters, for example.

            You know all those stories about people being banned from XBL because of their use of mods? How it's been happening since the 360's release year? Not hard to find.

            It took five years for anything serious to happen to the PS3. Until then it was far more secure. Post-incident, no hackers on PSN. To use PSN you must be running latest OFW, and you can't connect to PSN without it. You can fake your firmware on a modded console but that can only be used to running newer games; you cannot go online with modified firmware and thus you cannot hack online on PSN. How do I know that? ten seconds and google.

            Don't worry, I've no wish to start a stupid console debate. I just don't want you to sit there and remain ignorant. One major incident, that's been taken care of, the exploit used in that incident has been patched. You can't jailbreak a PS3 through USB like you could previously. As it stands today, PSN is far more secure than Xbox Live and Nintendo's WiFi Connection, so please don't think otherwise.

      Yeah it's like a dollar or so a week....

      I've been a massive PS3 fanboy for years, but the new Metro update for Xbox has turned me.

      The XMB, which was fantastic compared to the competition, is severely stale compared to metro. The way apps work on the xbox is better than the PS3. The way you interact with your friends is more social than the PS3. Zune is better than Qriocity.

      I've had a Playstation Eye since I bought my PS3, and there are what, 5 games for it? Now they think a glowing ball is a good idea? Kinect rips it to shreds.

      The only thing I still don't get about the Xbox is the controller, how can it be considered more ergonomic for your left thumb to sit up, while the right thumb has to stick out sideways?

      If Xbox played Bluray and Freeview TV I'd have no need for the PS3 anymore.

    Are there any Xbox exclusives due in the next 6-12 months that are all that good? AFAIK the only Xbox exclusive I miss having (as a PS3 owner) is Forza, and that only because GT5 was so disappointing.

      Pretty much Halo 4

      Go to Harvey Norman and get another 5-10% off

        Halo doesn't interest me. So yeah, I guess I'd be buying a 2nd console just for Forza and Alan Wake maybe. I'd prefer to get a Wii and play the Zelda and Mario games if I got a 2nd console, I reckon.

          Yeah, I think if I preferred the PS3 I'd see no point to getting a 360. I personally prefer the 360 though, and hence my PS3 doesn't get used. I keep meaning to check out Uncharted 2 & 3, but I just never get around to it.

          Exclusive titles don't seem like a big deal anymore, the best stuff is all multiplatform.

            Said from someone who games on a platform with mediocre exclusives

            I dont hear PS3 owners complaining about their extensive and excellent range of exclusive titles

              The only exclusive I own is the Uncharted trilogy - totally worth buying a PS3 for, but I still feel the xbox and PS3 are much of a muchness.

              Said from someone who feels the need to stroke a console's e-peen on the internet.
              The man has both a 360 and PS3. Is it really so wrong of him to have a personal opinion in which platform he prefers to game on?

              Speaking of PS3 complaints, my blu-ray drive failed and now I can't play Uncharted 3. So there you go.

        Hey, don't forget that Fable Wagon Train Kinect game. I know I can't, no matter how much I try.

        Or you can not go to Harvey because he's a complete butthead who deserves to go broke.

          Correction: You should buy the console with no profit margin at Harvey Norman, then go buy the accessories at a different store.

          They're relying on making back the money from the underpriced console on games and accessories.

      Alan wake is great, fable is as well, Gears of war is probably the best co-op shooter there is, halo, forza, there's actually a list here > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Xbox_360-only_games

        I also really enjoyed crackdown 1 + 2 and Lost odyssey is the best JRPG storywise this gen.

          +1 to Lost Odyssey. Ever played Enchanted Arms?

    I don't get Xbox pricing, half the time it is more expensive than the PS3, and then you get crazy discounts like this.

    Though it's the first time I've seen a console go for under the price I paid for my Arcade back in 2008 ($188). I suppose they expect to make it all back on the Kinect bundles; or the next Xbox (a kitten dies everytime you call it the Xbox 720) is much closer than we think.

    I wish they'd been doing this before Xmas, I would have bought one for the bedroom.

    I bought one from jb for $149, then went to dick smith and got a 250gb hdd for $99, pretty good deal! the 2 games for 40 is good too!

      I did EXACTLY the same thing, man. :D

        Hate to burst your bubble but you can get the 250gb kinect bundle for $249 atm from EB games. Its $299 with a $50 cashback or at least it was the other day.

          Indeed. I went for the bundle that came with the games as well. Also, there was no hassle with the cashback as they just charged you $50 less when you purchased it. Did the $249 bundle have the 3 months of XBL Gold with it?

            Nice! Seems there's some amazing deals all round. (My brother gave me his Kinect a few months ago, which wasn't compatible with my old model. Had been sitting literally gathering dust today. Might feel slightly riled up if I didn't have one already. :D)

      The $348 250gb with kinect and $50 cash back from JB before Xmas was a better deal.


    4gb Xbox for $145 at domayne till midnight tonight.


    "Yeah, I was just about to jump on this but then I remembered that you have to pay for online every year so I dunno…"

    This seems appropriate to your comment.


      Hey buddy, please. I wasn't taking a shot at the 360, I WAS CONSIDERING BUYING IT! But then I realised that that $150 would quickly turn into $200+ because I would have to pay for Gold LIVE? Hurr durr

    Paying 50 dollars for xbox live for a year... You must shop at EB games =]

    Holy shiiiiiiit, I hope this deal is still on tomorrow or I will be extra mad!! I wanna replace my first gen Xbox that has no wi-fi :(

      JB says their sale is on until the 30th but doesnt say that all items will be at those prices still.. So you may have luck! Im probably going to try my luck tomorrow.

        It's probably a matter of stock lasting too. There was a pile of about six or so when I went at lunch time at my local store.

    if anyone sees PS3's for 275, lemme know they all went UP after xmas ):

    not enough gb and its not shiny

    Was out helping my grandparents buy a new computer at JB and I noted the deal to them. Didn't have any money left after christmas so had to let it go. Was just about to jump into the pool back at my aunts and my grandpa pulls me aside with a wink and tells me I need to come shopping with them.

    Awwww yeah Xbox 360 graduation/christmas present :)

      My grandparents are fricken so slack for being dead. I mean come on gosh darn it.

    Hey guys, would GAME would match this price? They're giving $140 value on the old 120gb model and I'm wondering if I'd be able to trade in my old 120gb model and get the 4gb one for $9? The only thing is my console red ringed out of warranty and I got it fixed at a console repair place, so it doesn't have the original MS warranty seal.


      Unlikely since it's a sale and an online-only one at that.

        i was offered $175 for 250gb elite console +14 games so if they give you 140 for just the console take that buy a new one and have warranty

          $175 for that much?

          Is it the instant sale/convenience that makes people take these ridiculous deals from stores?

            No i was stating that if someone offered him $140 for his xbox 360 that he should sell it straight up as i was only offered the $175 for the above mentioned

        Online only? Weren't there people saying they walked in and bought one at this price?

          The JB page says "Pickup not available" so I'm assuming that means an online sale. Either way, looking at games T&C's on price matching the odds are they won't match it.


            It's in store, I work there :)

    I was dissapoint to walk into JB and find the price of a 320 gig PS3 has actually INCREASED by 30 dollars, been hanging out for the end of year sales in the hopes I could replace my phat with a good deal, guess it's just selling too strongly in aus atm.

    Think I'll get one tomorrow & pickup Alan Wake for $23 & maybe Halo Reach too :)

    I walked into JB World Square and picked mine up, bargain'... Though I have to figure out the whole business with the HDD now, because it won't let me play original X-Box games without one (Including ones downloaded from the store, i.e. The first Halo )...

    Kinect plus 3 games. $139 + $50 cashback. Target and Big W.

    Then you spend $128 buying a decent sized HDD lol



    yeah cause we would totally shop locally for that

    ozgameshop has it for 60 buks LOL

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