20th Anniversary Tribute To Sonic The Hedgehog

This year, Sega mascot Sonic turns 20. To honour the occassion, those classy Frenchmen at Amusement magazine put together a very classy tribute: an art show.

There's a pixellated Sonic, Sonic as Genesis mascot and... a pair of beautiful French people "cosplaying" as Sonic and Tails.

You can check the pics out over on Amusement's site. Or, better yet, if this is possible in your part of the world, grab a copy of Amusement's magazine!

"Coming of Age" : Sonic 20th anniversary exhibition [Amusement]


    I love the liquified "life in the 90's" collage :)

    Playing Sonic the Hedgehog on the Master System (one) at 'vacation recreation' (where parents dumped you while they worked during school holidays) was what got me into gaming.

    Long live the 'hog - look how far astray he's gone.

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