A Cardboard Marcus Fenix Must Pay For A Seat On The Bus

A student in Milton Keynes, England, paid a full bus fare for Marcus Fenix. No, really. Carrying home a life-size cardboard display of the Gears of War protagonist, Liam Sheridan was told by the driver his monthly bus pass didn't cover his companion.

Sheridan, 17, was thus charged £1.80 for a full adult fare on top of his monthly pass, after the bus driver insisted that his cardboard Marcus "takes up a seat, so it's full price."

"It was truly bizarre, I couldn't quite believe it," Liam told the Milton Keynes Citizen. "I tried to protest but the driver wasn't going to let me on otherwise, so I had to pay him."

The Citizen followed up with the transit authority, which said it wasn't commenting until its investigation was finished.

Student charged full fare for cardboard passenger [Milton Keynes Citizen]

Image: Milton Keynes Citizen)


    First off, boo hoo, £2
    Secondly, I'm not sure if this is the case in England, but in Australia, you don't pay for a site, you pay for a ride, as you are not guaranteed to get a seat.

    I don't see what the big deal is - if fatties get charged for two seats on a plane then this seems quite reasonable.

    £2 for being a douche.

    In SA you have to pay extra to take a bike on the train in peak hour, same principle.

    That clearly isn't life-sized. "Carrying home a life-size cardboard display" sure, if Marcus is a man-child.

    I think thats more than fair. And at 2 pounds thats pretty fair

    Anyone else notice the "Gears If War" tag?

      That's the new molydeux game where you play as a chest high wall and you chose which side to provide cover to.

        If this was reddit, you would have ALL the upvotes

    Marcus Fenix is a big dude. Of course he needs to buy a ticket.

    I don't get the issue it's just 2 pounds.

      But that's like $64 AUD right?.....

    I'm having more fun with the fact it looks like they've taken said Marcus Fenix cut out back to the bus stop just for the photo op. Wonder if he had to pay two pounds to get it down there and back again.

    For Jordaan Mylonas - yep, here in the UK you pay for the trip, not a seat. It's never guaranteed - not even on trains. Took a train journey to head office the other week and didn't get a seat (yay - 2 and a bit hours journey, including changing trains in Manchester, where I had to stand sandwiched between people).

    In any case, yep, our buses suck. They put the stops in the worst places. When I'm driving I can be coming off a roundabout and immediately there's a bus stopped RIGHT THERE. Prices suck too - I live about 10 miles from where I work and when I do have to take the bus (if my girlfriend needs the car or if it's in the garage) it costs £4.50 (or probably around £100 for a monthly pass).

    My heart bleeds for the mophead

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