A Clash Of Two Game Of Thrones RPG Trailers

Months have gone by and we never got a single good look at the Game of Thrones RPG in motion, and suddenly, not one but two trailers appear.

You'll see Mormonts, you'll see the Wall, you'll see a Red Priest, you'll see Varys and you'll see a lot of men with enormous necks and enormous shoulder pads. Much more enormous than almost anyone, Cleganes aside, appears in the show.

Gears of Thrones?

Still, it's nice hearing James Cosmo's Jeor Mormont get all gruff and in character.

You can see some screens and info from previous coverage here.


    looks dated already, all that trailer did for me was make me appreciate the witcher 2 even more

      It does look dated, but it also looks pretty solid. If the gameplay is good then I really don't care what it looks like.

        Dragon Age Origins looked dated as sin... but it was still brilliant.

    i cant believe he let this studio develop the game. He should've given it to cd project red or bioware or hell i would even let epic develop it over small crappy studio x.

      I'm pretty sure all those studios were already busy making other games.

    Looks fun, prolly will buy.

    2 complaints:
    The Plot against the kingdom? as in one plot? thats kinda missing the point...

    some terrible, terrible dialogue from the old bears mouth in that second vid.

    Still, cant wait.

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