A Final Fantasy VII Fan Remake Using… The Unreal 3 Engine ?

A Final Fantasy VII Fan Remake Using… The Unreal 3 Engine ?

Despite numerous outright denials from Square-Enix, rumours of a Final Fantasy VII remake have continued to swirl. For now, this may be the closest thing you’ll get to a proper remake — a fanmade first person remake of the opening section of Final Fantasy VII, using the Unreal 3 engine of all things!

For an amateur fan project, it’s not too bad. The animation is a little clunky, and it’s plain to see that Final Fantasy VII wouldn’t work as a first person title, but it’s still worth a gander.

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  • When will people realize that a FFVII remake would be a terrible idea. Squeenix would not be able to do it without “improving” it. It wouldn’t be FFVII but some strange bastardization of it. But it would look pretty.

    • On the other hand, we might get a half decent translation, not something hobbled together like FF7’s original translation. Just as long as they keep wall market.

    • Except it wouldn’t matter.

      It could hardly be worse than FFXIII. And even if they bastardize it to all hell the original will still exist.

      I’d rather they make the attempt than not bother at all.

      They are making a HD version of FFX, which isn’t even that old. Not sure why the same can’t be done for FFVII

      • Because X was a PS2 game, which is really simple to upgrade for HD

        FFVII is not, they would have to remake the entire game from scratch, and they have said that at the moment it’s not worth it.

        • Also I think X is the first one without a world map in which you could maunally fly around in. From the bits i’ve heard it sounds as though that’s one of the biggest things that scare them off.

          Personaly I wouldn’t mind if the world map wasn’t up to the standard they tend to set for themselvs.

  • The person playing annoyed the hell out of me, but otherwise that is a grand effort! The clunky animations fit in perfect too.

    Also, that song… so damn good.

  • Good attempt. Obviously the First person thing doesnt work, but I think it shows how an FFVII remake wouldn’t have to have the stunning visuals that FFVIII had to still be awesome, and to give SE a licence to print money.

    Also, liked the ghost of Zack in the mako leak. Nice little easter egg.

  • In 2002, based on the massive fanbase that surrounded the game, I played through the entirety of FF7 waiting for the part where it got good. Never happened.

    I think most people are remembering FF7 with Nostalgia Goggles, rather than for what it really was.

    • You’re definitely right about that, it;s not as good a game as everyone makes it out to be, both FF8 and 9 both received better scrore’s from the critics

      • I agree. I prefer 6, 8, and 9. Of course, 7 was important (because it was the first 3D) and good in its own right, I just didn’t like it as much.

    • disagree, I’m in the middle of playing it again right now and I’m enjoying the mechanics and world as much as I am the nostalgia

  • Please, please, please God….. don’t touch FF7. A remake would feel a disservice to it’s memory. Those magical PSX Final Fantasy days have passed. Let’s just leave them where they are – modern classics that defined a generation.

    • I think a remake would be good, so long as they:
      – DO NOT change the gameplay
      – DO NOT add voice-overs
      – Keep the cartoony, exaggerated movements during exploration/conversations, and possibly keep the character proportions too

      In other words, don’t turn it into another FFXIII with too much focus on making a cinematic experience, and not enough focus on the fun factor.

      If they can do a remake which leaves the core of the game completely untouched, and just replaces graphical components such as giving it higher res or 3D backgrounds, smoother graphics in the battle screens with less segmented models, and maybe do the cutscenes in real-time, then I’d buy it.

      • I think people are just pining for the magic and the feeling that goes with such classics again – which I understand. However I honestly don’t think remaking such games would accomplish anything. The glory days of FFVII, FFVIII, and FFIX are passed. They remain for me, and many others, some of the greatest games ever created.

        Let’s just leave it alone. It’s like George Lucas constantly screwing with Star Wars – I understand the urge to make it more modern, more true to your original vision, which may have been limited by such things as technology and budget. It still feels detrimental and insulting to the original product.

        Squaresoft couldn’t have kept making the same game over and over again, and changed it up, most notably with FFXII. (I don’t honestly count FFXI as part of the series in a true sense) Times change – this is true of everything. Give true classics of all kinds their place, and leave them for all to remember as they were.

  • yep. you can’t remake ffvii without removing or changing some things which is why ffx onwards or not the same style. square enix would of prototyped the old games before the made a decision to not remake this game. in other words they checked argued the remake could be done before they threw away a huge money maker.

  • I wonder if this video will survive online any longer than that spectacular reimagining of ChronoTrigger in UE2 (which was never meant to be more than a neat little concept video and still got C&Ded)

  • The way I see it it all the background art in FFVII were 3D models, they exist. Surely they can ‘port’ them over and have them run in real time now we live in the future.

    • Its not that easy – often in projects with prerendered backgrounds the original models were only made to cater to a certain perspective, and may not have polygons or textures on the farside of objects. In essence they’d probably still have to make 40% of the models, retexture everything for new resolutions etc – why not just make the whole thing from scratch then?

  • this only “remake” they need to do is create a stable version. I tried playing this on windows 7 and it kept on crashing. either that or port it to iphone

    • Putting it back a generation in terms of graphics seems a little redundant though. The only reason to remake it to update the graphics, not do a 2D version (2D “remakes” are so insufferable). Your time would be better spent using your talents to create an original 2D game inspired by FF7, not that.

      • I dunno. In many ways it looks better than 7, which was made during that period where artists were getting their heads around 3D and so the games all look a bit rubbish.

  • I’m not sure if I’d want a FFVII remake. I played the hell out of the original when it came out, finished it multiple times, found everything, beat both Ultimate Weapons, etc etc etc – but if it was remade now? I dunno if I could bring myself to play it. Some of the game mechanics (not the least of which is the battle system) would feel pretty archaic now.

  • Stupid fanboys will learn eventually. Don’t try to fix what’s not broken. there’s no sense remaking FF7 unless you want to appeal to graphics whores.

  • Yet more proof that all remakes, reboots, and re-imaginings must, by law, be an FPS. TTC (Time to Crate) was extraordinarily fast, about 1 second.

    On topic, I used to think that a FFVII remake would be quite awesome but I think I’d rather see them focus on making a new IP. They have so much experience, ideas, and mechanics stored up in the entire FF series that if they just picked out the good bits they could make several games over. And I want KHIII already!

  • Final Fantasy VII is pretty rubbish to be honest. It also set Final Fantasy on a path that it’s never turned back from. I think I’ll stick with my pre-PSX Final Fantasy games thank you very much.

    PS: Not being a troll I genuinely don’t like VII. Can see why people do though just not really my thing.

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