A Half-Life Gravity Gun That Actually Exists

Master craftsman Harrison Krix has built himself a replica of Gordon Freeman's Gravity Gun from Half-Life 2. It's really something.

Made internet famous by similar projects based on the weapons of series like Mass Effect and World of Warcraft, the gun has that post-apocalyptic finish you'd expect, along with some amazing lighting effects that bring the whole thing to life.

You can see a massive gallery of the gun charting its progress from drawing board to finished product at Krix's Flickr page.

Gravity Gun (Half Life 2) [Flickr] Volpin Props [Official Site]


    It's...it's beautiful! Imagine if Volpin threw a mini vacuum cleaner motor in there to 'grab' light objects like cans and reverse function to shoot them off!

    I was disappointed because, for the briefest moment there, I had a strange lapse in judgement and thought that somewhere in this world, someone had developed a zero-point gravity field manipulator.

    It is certainly a nice model, however. The toaster-like orange glow is very pretty to boot.

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