A Halo: Reach Recreation Of Resident Evil's Most Infamous Location

It might not seem familiar at first, but once you start wandering the corridors you'll realise that this is a faithful scale recreation of Resident Evil's Spencer Mansion crafted using the creation tools from Halo: Reach.

Marrying his love of two decidedly different game franchises, ForgeHub member Cryptic Sin spent nearly a year crafting and testing this custom map for Halo: Reach, capturing the look and feel of that iconic haunted mansion as best as he could given Reach's futuristic building blocks.

Taking the idea several steps further, Cryptic Sin has also crafted several custom game modes that lend an air of horror to Halo's hallowed halls. You can find links to them on the YouTube page, or just hit up the link below. Lovely work!

Spencer Mansion Map and Game Types Download [ForgeHub]


    Looking good, perhaps might need some further optrimization work done given the choppy framerate...

      "further optrimization work done given the choppy framerate"???
      Seriously? Do you think Halo: Reach is a PC game?

        The way the level editor works you can create levels that play with a poor framerate. You can then tweak placement of pieces to improve the framerate. Maybe n3rd is talking about that?

    It's the rebirth version of the mansion. Props if you noticed this.

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