A Handy Guide For When A Game Is And Isn't Being Sexist

When is a game being sexist? When is a game not being sexist? They're tricky topics to wade through with words.

Like most things in life, it's easier with a picture.

It's a rough guide, and applies more to fantasy games than, say, a puzzler, but you can make do!

When is it sexist? [Reddit]


    Could we have a new tag for stories - "reddit"?

    That way it's easier to know which stories to skip.

      How about a tag for when men explain what's sexiest or not? That way, etc etc, skip.

        What you just said is sexist.


      Not everyone who reads Kotaku is on Reddit.

      kotaku apologises for wasting 2 seconds of your life pressing the 'back' button

    The fact that this chart doesn't have the huny man and the normal woman means that this chart is innertly sexist.

    I'm guessing it was made by some sort of yaoi fangirl.

    I miss the days when "sexist" actually had a definite meaning and actual objective standards to judge whether or not something actually WAS sexist.

    Those days are clearly over.

    Now "sexist" seems to mean "anything any woman dislikes."

    Fanservice oriented towards men in a piece of art with a principally male target demographic is NOT sexist.

    That said, I think that its fair to say that the female demographic is underserviced and deserves some more fanservice oriented towards them.

    But to say "I don't get enough fanservice therefore YOU ARE SEXIST!!!" is a bizarre argument which only makes the person making this argument sound like an entitled, myopic and inconsiderate person.

      +1. Fanservicey and shameless, yes, but not sexist.

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