A Time-Travelling Adventure Game For Mobiles

There aren't enough adventure games on the iPhone. Well, new ones, at least. So thank you, House On Fire, for working on an adventure game for the iPhone.

This is The Silent Age, a moody point-and-click that jumps your boring character — described as "literally Joe Average" — between two eras, 1972 and 2012. House On Fire describe it like this:

40 years into the future mankind has become extinct. Stuck between a desolate future and a present where he is largely ignored, it is now up to our accidental hero to find out what has happened and how to prevent it in order to save mankind.

Sounds good! Looks good, too. The Silent Age is destined for iPhone, iPad and Android.

The Silent Age [Official Site, via IndieGames]


    I'm loving these games that are coming out on Phones. I just want to see some PC ports :(

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