'Trailer' For That Unreleased Aussie Stargate Game

Years ago, when Stargate: SG-1 was still in its prime (and on the air), JoWood, MGM and a Sydney studio called Perception got together to make a game based on the franchise, called Stargate SG-1: The Alliance. Sufficed to say, it never saw the light of day, the project stricken by all sorts of problems and legal shenanigans. Eventually, in 2007, JoWood tried to take the game and the rights to it from Perception. The studio won the fight but the game was never released.

The Gaming Liberty got in touch with some of the developers and managed to get their hands on a near-complete version of the game and put together this video. According to TGL, around 90 per cent of it is playable and features a good chuck of voice acting from the primary cast members.

The Gaming Liberty has posted two follow-up articles. One has an interview with the game's lead designer. The second has some 1000 screenshots of the game, if you don't mind grabbing them from MegaUpload. The site also plans to do a video play-through in the future, so watch out for that.

Cancelled Stargate SG-1: The Alliance reveal trailer [The Gaming Liberty]


    Looks like a half life 2 mod. To be honest I'm kinda glad this fell through.

      Unreal engine actually. Not a half like mod....

    Not enough particle effects and it's running a very low resolution. Characters lack expression, even though they were detailed enough, they really need some fluid motion capture and walking routines. They just look like character skins for Counter Strike characters.

    I think this game could have been really good.

    ^ guys you do realise this game is from years ago right?
    for some reason while watching it kind of looked like a first person mmo

    I remember seeing an ad for that game on a stargate DVD, too bad it got cancelled - looked fun

    It would be rad to get a full-on Stargate game, so much to work with and so much potential. Though that also means so many ways to get it wrong :S

    Kotaku, you really need to fix your Facebook links. I had to rewrite this link.

      Hey Sam,

      I'm not sure I understand. Could you provide some additional info and I can get the tech guys to follow it up when they're back on deck.

    Release this game 10 years ago and it would've been decent. I still don't think anybody except SG fans would've gotten it.

    Then again, it could've been much worse. Anyone remember the Farscape game?

    For pre-alpha footage from 6-7 years ago this is actually pretty good. I don't think you guys really appreciate how much of the polish occurs post-alpha. They're clearly barely using any post-processing, even anti-aliasing and it's not very well optimised so it's res is very low.

    Yeah i love the people ragging on the graphics.

    The game was officially cancelled in 2005.

    This is 6 year old tech.

    The game would have been designed mostly with the Xbox and Ps2 type graphic's in mind, at most early 360 graphics.

    There is good reason it looks like half life 2 which was released at the same time.

    A quick search of google has revealed, to my surprise, that the Stargate franchise is still alive. OMG. You sick bastards. Just give it up already.

      Try again. Last series was SG:U which already ended.

        and any real fan shouldnt count that battlestar galactica wannabe pile of trash as real stargate anyway, the show died with the last movie (ark of truth? or the one after that)

    *Imagine Irrational developing this game

    *imagine Bioware developing this game

    Digging up painful memories, Logan.

    I spit on your grave, JoWood.

    Did you see the sharp knees on those character models? It's way below my standards

    (I'm a Stargate dork and probably would have loved this)

    I'm also a developer that was working on this game when it got cancelled.

    For those of you ragging on the visuals...well...duh. It was a Xbox and PS2 game for a start, and these videos and screenshots, if they were taken at the time of the game's cancellation, would have been taken at the point where we were late alpha stage. A great deal of polishing still needed to be done, but I estimate there was probably 5-6 months of solid work left on it.

    All of the levels were present and playable (some of them in a near-complete state), pretty much all of the official voice acting was in the game. Some of the enemies were still pretty rough around the edges with placeholder animations, and the weapon and damage balance was off as well. Many of the cinematics were still placeholder as well (but they typically don't get added until beta anyway). All in all, all of the components were there, they just had to be put together and fine tuned. Mind you, the PS2 version was a bit of a mess...we would have needed to shift a lot of focus onto that platform to get it up to the standard of the Xbox and PC.

    And as a side note, we were using Unreal 2.5, not Source...so if anything the game would have looked more like games such as Unreal 2, Republic Commando, Deus Ex: Invisible War and Pariah than Half-Life 2.

    I still have the last stable build we had before the cancellation on a portable hard drive. We got so close, it's such a shame it met an untimely end in the way it did. At any rate I don't think my NDA from Perception applies there anymore so if anyone has questions, ask away.

    Last edited 21/11/15 1:48 pm

      Knew about it, never seen it, props to the character modellers, even ps2/xbox gen those models were really accurate to the characters. Man I would have loved to play this.

      hows this for a question; any chance of a leak onto the interwebs ;) not like the game has any income potential these days.

      i ask mainly as i was super psyched for this game back in 06-07 before it got cancelled. hung around quite a lot in the forums, may have been one of the highest posters there actually. seriously, as crap as the game may be (being in alpha), i want to play the hell out of it

        Haha no, no chance, sorry. Even though the game was canned I don't know if any of the assets we used are still owned and under copyright from MGM. Could be a serious violation if I was to release it.

        For the record, the project was terminated in January 2006.

          ah right right, fair enough.

          it was so long ago i just remember a vague "during my high school years". i get dates mixed up :D

    An open world game based on SGU... yes please. Would be an awesome way to finish the story, and Destiny would be a fantastic setting, especially for an open world game.

    Just gimmie a good damn Stargate game that continues the story >.< Be it SG1 or SGU!! Maybe even SGA..

    /sigh. Life without Stargate just sucks.

      i have every season on sg1 and sga and tbh i would not go near a SGU game. that show sucks DONKEY PENIS! srsly

    Did anyone else nolstagia badly at the music?

      sure did . I'd have bought this if released -and suspect worldwide fan base would have to, it had huge following if add up all the fans in all the countries where it aired

    Why would a company pump so much money into a project just to cancel it when it was so close to completion. Even if it didn't make millions they would still have recouped some of the costs. Dissapointing, even if it was released now i'd still jump on it, pretty graphics are just the icing on the cake, not the be all and end all of a game.


    why didnt they finish this game.. shooting jaffas.. omg..

    So sad. This would have been awesome.

    I remember why this didn't make it, Jo Wood didn't like the product that they were paying Perception to make, and re-negged on the contract, a half finished game or near to finished, was a court case and Perception won, but still no game ?, I don't know why that wasn't released where did it go, who ended up with the game and all the content that were worked on ? did Warner Bros own the content seeing as it was all under licence from them ?
    As far as I know all voices were done by the actors, so lots of money that was spent on quality work went down the toilet.
    Then in 2005 another company tried to make a game on SG1 ,"Stargate Worlds" this too had difficulty trying to fly, bad management killed this and they tried to fob off another game that seemed to be a quick buildin liu of getting money to get the original out, that seemed way to quick, like it was what they had in the first place and wasn't what they promised, and this just made ppl mad that they didn't release the first promise of what they said they had even if they made a release that was in build progress would have kept ppl happy that they were getting the game, but the developers wanted a gold game release rather than a release at all, this left a lot of ppl scratching heads, specially investors in the start up company, this made investors scared and lost them their start up capital
    The company that was making Stargate Worlds, seemed to be at most a start up company and should never have been given a licence until the game was at full release, Warner Bros seems to have dropped the ball on this game and has had good games licenced under their banner, Lord Of the Rings and Dungeons and Dragons are just 2 that have been welcomed by gamers online.
    If a Stargate type of game was ever to be made its now way past the use by date and at most there are ppl out in the world that have made some very good mods for other well known games, and those that have made those mods have given up on waiting for WB to pick up the ball and issue a licence for this game to a well founded game company.

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