Alan Wake Heading To The PC In Early 2012

Alan Wake may have been one of the most overlooked games of 2010, and I have vowed to one day go back and actually finish the thing. Maybe now I'll do it on the PC!

Because Remedy has just announced that it will be releasing a PC version of the game, set for the first quarter of 2012. It will include all of the planned downloadable content for the Xbox 360: namely the upcoming episodes The Signal and The Writer.

We don't have to many details at the moment, or a specific release date, but Remedy did release one high resolution screenshot, which looks rather spiffy. Click on the image above to see the pic in its full glory.

Thanks Michael!


    Great! I'll definitely pick up a copy. Being a PS3 owner I wasn't able to play.. but now I can.

    First quarter of 2012, only 2 years 2 late.Was a good game but.If they price it at say $20 bucks with the 2 dlc eposodes I might pick it up as I never bothered getting the second dlc "the writer".But knowing steam australian site $89.99USD.

      Using Steam through a proxy is a wonderful thing, I never pay the Australian price.

        Isn't that like against Steams TOS and can get you banned?

      Why should it be $20 with the DLC? This is obviously not a cheap port, it's seemingly been completely rebuilt from the ground up to work on PC, so therefore it should be released at full price.

        From what I understand, Alan wake was in development for PC and 360 until MS coughed up and it become an exclusive.
        But more to your point, it's because many gamers have an over indulgent sense of entitlement, hence the ridiculous price of $20. In terms of pricing, I think it should be more in line with a GOTY pricing : all dlc, full game, slightly less (~20% off) than full price.

          Yeah, wasn't it like seven years or something? Long tortured gestation - I guess like many great novels, which the protagonist wrote! ;-)

          Same with me too Mark - two measly Achievements and no further. Loved the style and tone of the thing, although I found some of the controls a little less quick to pick up in the minutes I played it. Reminded me a little of Dark Seed, hope we see more of this genre! :-)

          Ah that's right, I remember reading about it being on PC as well, and 20% off RRP sounds about right.

    Good game, not great. Definitely not scary, but well written all the same.

    Also, The Signal and The Writer have been out for a while... definitely not "upcoming." :p

      I've finished the signal, free with the collectors ed, but still need to buy the writer.

        I picked up The Writer when there was that Microsoft Studies sale on the XBLM earlier this year. Still haven't played it though. My brother rates it pretty highly.

    great game & I had nightmares after playing it, so scary IMO :) Shame no more DLC

      man I think with a better game mechanic it could have been scary, but as it is, how do you get scared when the game pauses, moves the camera over to the ghost, shows it to you, then moves the camera back to your character EVERY time? Those woods could have been really scary if it didnt have a massive glowing map on the screen at all times with your waypoint and write CHECKPOINT constantly on the screen. "here's where you need to go, and dont worry if you die because you just saved". God forbid they let the player actually get lost and scared in the confusing scary woods :P

    Awesome, I sold my xbox shortly before this came out...after following its development for so long. Quite keen to finally give it a go!

    you havent finished it yet???? you crazy!!

    Keen, now if only other great titles like Red Dead Redemption would be announced I'd be set.

      I feel like I must be broken. I though red dead was boring. Had way more fun with other westerns like Gun.

      Only reason I'd want red dead on PC would be for the inevitable Firefly mod

    After all the posts asking for the PC version to be brought back after it was cancelled, i hope people BUY this. This was a good game - sure it wasn't GOTY material but it was a good game with a good story. Already have the collectors on 360, thinking of picking it up again on PC to support Remedy bringing this to PC and hopefully to encourage them to make AW2.

    If its on steam, great, but GFWL, it better be around 20 dollars, 30 max.

    will be looking to pick this up on pc (when i get through my shame pile). It's great to see pc getting some attention now, despite piracy worries

    You can still get for 360 version for $20(ozgameshop),so I think for the pc version a port of a 2 year old game that quite possiblly had alot of already made before it went xbox only, fullprice is way to much.Also I think it's only being released to make more of a market for American nightmare.Battlefield 3 or crysis 2 this is not, the graphics look only a little updated to the 360.

    Awesome, have fun, and remember to run, teehehehehe

    Well, no reason to ever own a 360 now. YAY PC Master Race, lol console peasants had to play this on a controller.

    I'll buy this day one. I'd buy 12 if I could afford it :-P

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