Alan Wake Meets His Evil Twin In American Nightmare

Alan Wake Meets His Evil Twin In American Nightmare
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This is Alan Wake: American Nightmare, the downloadable sequel to Remedy’s 2010 narrative game for the Xbox 360. In it, the protagonist author Alan Wake fights against his murderous doppleganger.


  • I loved the atmosphere of the first Alan Wake, but this didn’t really sell the idea of a sequel to me. Here’s hoping its good, though. I’d love to see the series live up to its potential.

  • “Evil Twin”, yeah look…I let the first game pass when it introduced that idea because you never actually meet your dream double, but now that it’s physically…can’t say I’m jumping up and down in excitement.

  • Check XBLA for the Alan Wake Prequal live-action 6-part mini-series – very Stephen King esque (better even!)

  • Im glad we are getting more Alan Wake. I enjoyed both of the DLC packs and the conclusion to The Writer was a nice way to wrap up that story arc and leave a nice little tease for the next entry in the series. If American Nightmare is targeted at bridging the gap between the end of The Writer and a possible full fledged sequel then I guess I can live with that.

    Im just worried however that this is a stand alone XBLA title. I guess the closest thing that we have to compare this to would be Case Zero, the prologue game / demo for Dead Rising 2. I understand why they want to make it a stand alone game instead of another round of DLC, as it allows them to reach a larger audience and charge 1200MSP for what will most likely be 3-4hrs of gameplay.

    I guess at the end of the day I just hope that this entry does the series justice. We barely get any exclusives as it is.

  • Alan Wake is the definition of the evolution of Survival Horror – Silent Hill & Resident Evil lost the plot!

    • Okay, sorry to do this but Alan Wake is not survival horror and it wasn’t intended to be. Remedy said multiple times that it wasn’t survival horror. It’s psychological action. Lots of people make this mistake though =(

      I’m very glad this is coming out because I WANT ANSWERS

    • Alan Wake sure as hell wasn’t survival horror, it was repetitive-clear-the-monster-room-shooty-action. I’d rather the plot be lost and do without than the rubbish it served up 😛

    • The writers at Remedy made several references to Stephen King throughout the vanilla game: they didn’t rip him off, but they clearly identified him as a strong influence in the writing style. If Stephen King did call, I’m sure it’d only be to convey a sense of gratitude that a team of talented people put together what is clearly an homage to his body of work.

      • The game was pretty much The Dark Half meets Duma Key meets IT.

        Playing it, I often wondered if perhaps The Asylum had taken to making video games instead of movie knock offs.

  • Hmmm.
    Alright, I loved Alan Wake. I liked the game, the story held me by the neck until the very last moment, I spent nights pondering where it could go, I was facinated by the DLC, the live-action shorts, the extra book, everything. And after the tight little conclution to events at the end of The Writer, I was looking forward to where they would go.
    It’s not like I’m not looking forward to this; it looks like they’ve fixed a fair amount of the gameplay issues, and it looks even more psychologically mindfornicating than the last one, but if they don’t have a satisfactory bridge from the end of the last game to this one, I’m going to be pretty damn pissified.

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