Aliens vs Predator Box Set: Winners!

All last week we ran competitions, and all this week we're announcing the winners! Today? We're announcing the best entrants (and therefore winners) in the Aliens vs Predator comp!

As you may already know, we asked you guys and girls to come up with the best tough guy catchprase. The three winners are...

weaselfeet Prior to throwing InternationalBadDude4 off a balcony

InternationalBadDude4: Hehehehe… Your laws cannot touch me. I have Diplomatic Immunity!”

Sgt. KnuckleChin: I know a Law that can.

After throwing InternationalBadDude4 off a balcony

Sgt. KnuckleChin: The law of gravity.

InternationalBadDude4 plummets many stories to land on a car, which explodes …. because that’s what they do. During the fall Sgt. KnuckleChin retrieves the rather bent cigarette he has been attempting, and failing, to light for the entire movie from his inner jacket pocket.

Pre 1995 ending: lights cigarette on the ensuing fireball, takes a satisfying drag and walks into the camera-fade.

Post-1995: Attempts to straighten out the cigarette, gives up and crushes it in his hand. Throws it over the balcony muttering “Better give these things up before they kill me.”. Offers camera a raised-eyebrow half-smile and walks into the camera fade.

Mitchell I’ve got a new article for you. It’s called, While You Were Sleeping… Permanently

Stevorooni “When they make a videogame based on your life, this part will be Refused Classification in Australia”

As always we had too many incredible entries to count, so I thought I'd drop a few more honorable mentions.

Brendan “I hope you like laughter, because you’re about to die of it”

Di11enger *finishes ice-cream* “You have just been Licked”

Batguy Such a cool comp, such a cool prize! My phrase is “I’d LAVA to join you, but I’ve got a plane to catch“, in the context of: —— Arnie and the bad guy have jumped out of a 747 and are locked in a struggle as they plummet towards the crater of an active volcano. Bad guy: “If I die, you’re coming with me” Arnie: “I’d LAVA to join you, but I’ve got a plane to catch” Then Arnie headbutts the bad guy in the nose, deploys his parachute, and gets collected by a supporting fighter jet. The bad continues to fall into the volcano, screaming all the way, and vanishes in a plume of flame. Arnie: “Looks like all his plans have gone up in smoke”

Chuloopa to alien before blowing off its head: “Give my regards to Elvis”

MrTaco “QUICK, YOU GOTTA GET DOWN!” the hero yells in a panicked voice. The villains look at each other, confused over his apparent concern. The hero’s demeanour quickly changes as he readies his flamethrower. “It’s fry-day!”

Ruffleberg *After beating someone to death with a sock full of 50c coins* “Keep the change”

Inanimate Blocker “I give you two choices, one, I shoot you now. Two, you walk away…” Predator stands and walks (Boom!) “…while I shoot you.”

Grandmaster B-Funk “say cheese” *proceeds to grate victims face off with cheese grater*

Thanks to everyone who entered and we'll be in touch with the winners soon!


    Dammit, bridesmaid again. Oh well, I guess I don't even have a Blu-Ray player anyway :P Congrats to the victors.

    Aw man. Well done guys. Thought I was in there with a shot but they're just too good to beat!

      Or really, my inner villain is thinking: "If you can't beat them... KILL THEM!"

      If you can't beat them, join them. Makes it easier to steal their stuff.

        I think we're both right.


        Hey Stevorooni, where do you live? I wanna come visit.


    yeah great winners guys, i really enjoyed all of them.. to the pther dudes.. better luck next time dudes.

    Doh I didn't even get an honourable mention. This contest was rigged! Rigged I tells ya!

    Congrats to the winners though, it's a cool prize!

    FINE, I didn't WANT this prize ANYWAY. I bet they SMELL FUNNY.

    Bahaha grats guys! Love the pre and post 1995 endings

    I'll admit my entry for this was terrible. i do want the Rayman print though.

    Some great winners. And, compared to my entry, make mine look like crap. Way to make me feel insecure, winners :P

    Wow, every aspect of that competition sucked, especially the prize.

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